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  • Sad!

    Up until a few months ago I had never heard of sudden unexplained child death. A mother on an online group i frequent just lost her 18 month old son to sudden unexplained child death (I am sorry if I am calling it by the wrong name) This has really scared me, and saddened me. I cannot begin to image what this mother is going through, it is just too sad. Now I tried to look this topic up, but could not find much about. I still cosleep with my daughter, would that add some minimal protection from this? I have read the studies by Dr. James McKenna pertaining to SIDS, does this fall into that category? Has this at all been researched pertaining to bedsharing? How often does this happen? Can anyone give me some info? How do you comfort someone after something like this happens? Sorry I know this is a lot of questions!

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    This blog- Junkfood Science (not affilitated with API)
    has a good explanation of the defintions of SUIDS (Sudden, Unexpected Infant Deaths) and how they were defined in CDC studies.


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      Thank you, very interesting!