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  • Nightime Feedings?

    Hello! This is my first post here. My husband and I co-sleep wiht our seven month old little boy who has never slept through the night. Usually he would only wake up to have a bottle once and go back to sleep. I have talked to his doctor who told me that he is just a hungry baby. For the past two weeks or so all of a sudden he is now waking up two to three times in the middle of the night wanting a bottle. He has also stopped drinking as much from his bottle during the day as he used to and seems uninterested in his solid food. We have only been able to get him to take a couple of bites of his baby food. I know he is teething but that never seems to affect his appetite before. I’m at a loss as to what to do. I have tried to just put him back to sleep when he wakes up but he screams until we feed him, then he goes right back to sleep. Most of my friends are advocates of the CIO method and I am not so I am getting a lot of slack for “spoiling” him. My friends are telling me that we are starting a bad habit and he is never going to sleep through the night. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Can you think of any reason why his eating habits would change? What can I do to help him eat during the day and SLEEP at night? Is there any other option other than just letting him scream himself to sleep? Thanks in advance!

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    What foods have you started? Are you combination feeding or just on formula? Other the his eating and sleeping habits is there anything else we should know like if he is considered a small baby or was a premie?

    My friends are telling me that we are starting a bad habit and he is never going to sleep through the night.
    This is entirely not true, please rest assured!

    Here is some API links that might apply to your concerns

    How do YOU feel about waking up to feed him more? Do you feel rushed to get him on solids? Are you afraid that something is abnormal or unusual about his sleeping or eating habits?

    7m can be a big growth spurt for babies. Is he begining to move about more, maybe even crawl? Teething can happen more at this time too even if you don't see it is his mouth yet.
    Welcome to our forum, we are happy to have you here.


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      are you sure he's hungry? i ask b/c i dealt w/this w/my 2nd and what i finally realized is that he was really thirsty. even now, at 3 1/2, he sleeps w/his sippy cup of water and drinks out of it constantly throughout the night. i think it's a combination of our house being really dry and his particular body chemistry. it may be worth a try to offer him water to see if his thirst is satisfied.

      however, it could be that he truly is hungry and NEEDS the extra calories at night. if you just make him CIO, that not only traumatizes him by separating from you, but it's also starving him when what he really needs is you and food. some babies (and people) have high metabolisms and need to eat around the clock. it's not anything you're doing wrong, it's just how his body may work.


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        Ladies, thank you so much for your responses. It's very hard to find someone to turn to when all of your friends have a totally different approach to parenting. To answer a few of your questions:

        What foods have you started?
        He has tried all of the stage one foods and is currently trying out stage two foods. He loves fruits and really loves veggies but is not crazy about the dinners with meat. He did love his solids until recently, now he just doesn't seem interested.

        Are you combination feeding or just on formula?
        He is just on formula now.

        Other the his eating and sleeping habits is there anything else we should know like if he is considered a small baby or was a premie?
        He is in the 33% for weight and height. He was a little early, born at 36 weeks due to my water breaking early.

        I am a working mommy so him waking up so much at night now is making for a very sleepy mommy! I do find it odd that he is not drinking his bottles during the day as much but I think it may be related to teething. He already has two bottom teeth and is working on some more. He IS all of a sudden becoming mobile. He went from very occasionally rolling from back to belly to rolling all over the floor and now he is getting on his hands and knees and rocking.

        I never even thought that he may be thirsty. He does not drink the whole bottle usually just a couple of ounces so I only make 4 oz bottles when he wakes up at night. The problem is I can't get him to drink water (or juice for that matter) he makes a funny face and then refuses it. I have tried both out of a sippy cup and the bottle.


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          I understand his dislike of meat in those jars. When I fed my first babyfood I would always try a bit myself so I understood where he was coming from when he didn't like something......those meat ones have an aquired taste for sure!!!

          I would say water down, slowly the formula so it is not a drastic change. Often babies sleep changes when they are doing more developmental, so that is totally expected.