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10 month old refusing to go to bed now

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  • 10 month old refusing to go to bed now

    hi there,

    im new to this website but have been AP with my 10 month old since birth (apart from breastfeeding which i wasn't able to do).

    i have a sleep problem where he is now refusing to sleep when its bedtime - the past week i've been resorting to walking the streets till almost 11pm with baby in sling until he goes to sleep.

    realising this is a rather dangerous tactic, tonight i tried keeping him in the bedroom with the lights off, trying to be as comforting to him as possible. he cried on and off for 2 hours, wrestled and cuddled me until he finally fell asleep.

    i dont want to resort to crying methods but im not sure what else to do? i think it is because he used to use a dummy but now as he has 4 top teeth he wont have a dummy anymore.

    has anyone any good tips for a very strong willed baby?

    before this happenned he would go down after his bedtime routine at 7pm no problems, waking quite a bit in the night but cuddled or fed then sleeping again.


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    Could he be having more teething pain at night?

    to the forum

    Any other changes in his life, naptimes, food etc