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Two Year Old Refusing to Nap

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  • Two Year Old Refusing to Nap

    Any tips on getting a two-year old to take a nap? I used to rock her to sleep for her nap, then lay down with her. But for the last ten days or so she has been refusing her naps. Any suggestions?

    The other change has been about two weeks ago we transitioned her to sleeping in her toddler bed. She has done so great - never fought or cried. The first week or so she had a really hard time settling down, but now she only takes about thirty minutes to go from getting in bed to sleeping soundly (we take turns sitting next to her bed giving tickles during this time). The only problem we are having is frequent night wakings (she goes right back to sleep as soon as one of us sits next to her bed). Any tips on that would be appreciated, too.

    Thanks so much everyone!

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    could she be done with naps? many children give up naps all together around this age. how close is she to 3?


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      My son has been working on giving up naps since before his second birthday. He naps 2-3 days a week now (27.5mo), max. I don't force a nap. If he crawls into my lap to nurse and falls asleep, so be it. I don't schedule my day around a nap, though, because it so often doesn't happen.


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        My son was also in his 2s when he started resisting naps. And, like you, it was also around the same time he transitioned to his twin bed. He just realized how much freedom he had...what? you mean I can choose whether I lay down or get up? OK then, I think I'll get up and do fun stuff! One day it just clicked for him and regular naps were thing of the past. I had to readjust my expectations of nap time. I found that he still did benefit greatly from a nap, but I had to take them whenever I could, and I couldn't depend on that uninterrupted quiet time during the day any more. That was a sad day!

        Car seat naps ended up working well for us...if it was a day when I could just tell that no nap was not an option, we'd get in the car at naptime and go run some errands. And I'd take the loooong way! So that by the time we got where we were going, he'd had a 20-30 min nap in the was just enough to tide him over till bedtime. I'm sure you'll find some way of getting that necessary quiet/ rest time for you too!


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          You know, that has never even occurred to me that she might just be done with naps. I thought she was too young. But, she has never needed as much sleep as experts "recommended" for her age. That is probably it - thanks everyone!