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Does night weaning improve sleep?

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  • Does night weaning improve sleep?

    Did any of you night wean in hopes of improved sleep at night? If not, what did you do to get your kids back to sleep since they weren't nursing anymore?
    THank you

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    Here is some previous threads on the same subject if you feel like browsing.

    How old is your child? What nightime goals do you have? How are your sleeping arrangements?


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      I wrote a longer post but no one replied- so I thought perhaps it was too long. I believe it is 2 posts below this one title Night nursing and tooth decay. In the meantime I will check out your link
      Thank you


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        Yes, I read this already and still felt the need to ask my question. I do try to search for previous posts before asking repetitive questions. It doesn't address my specific concern of what would I do instead of nursing if he still wakes up. As I stated in the longer post he may get fully awake which can last for a few hours. In that case, it would be less frustrating to nurse.


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          short answer no, it didn't help our older child.

          As far as getting back to sleep, snuggling sometimes works, depends on how tired he is. Sometimes nothing works

          Nursing is a great tool for getting babes to sleep, wish there was a magic tool after nursing is over, but I haven't found it.

          the inbetween stages are tough


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            Hey, just thought I would mention thoose other posts, no big deal if it didn't address your concerns
            I am very happy that you posted your own thread!

            If you are faced with a fully alert for hours crying child if you don't nurse then yes-
            In that case, it would be less frustrating to nurse.
            I totally agree!
            In one of the post links I mentioned the 'window' idea was explored where you wait untill your baby seems more into other options to start pushing the envelope on alternatives to nursing. Maybe he falls asleep quicker and nurses less or is less upset and quicker to move onto a book or a song.

            Ideas for other types of soothing to sleep-


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              THank you ladies-
              Geez! Makes me think I got a good thing going in having the ability to have him go back to sleep via nursing..IT's just some nights are so bad and then he wakes up 2 hours earlier then usual it make me convinced that I will night wean
              Naomi-I wasn't offended by your redirection to other posts. I do try to search for posts before I post because as a moderater I am sure it is frustrating answering the same questions repeatedly. So thank you
              Could you elaborate on what you meant by the window? How would I know if I can puch the envelope on alternatives? What would I be looking for in my son- who is 20 mo. old BTW


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                I guess finding the window is trying to start making changes when there seems to be less resistance. I would do a little each night just to see how he feels about it. Even if you could defer one or two nursing sessions to a later time you would get more sleep. If he keeps responding in a drastic way you describe it is not going to be an easy transition. If one day he wimpers a little then rolls over and gos back to sleep that is pretty good...look at it like practice, if your attempt at getting him to accept another form of comfort to go back to sleep does not work right away that is totally OK. It is a process.

                This is a quote from anna02081982 from this thread -
                I will say though that the timing has to be right because we did try this about 6 weeks back, and my son cried for 20 minutes fairly hysterically and I decided I wasn't really okay with that even though he was "in the arms of a loving parent" as they say. Right now he has been sleeping for 12 hours straight...a miracle. I could count on two hands the times in his life that he has slept more than 8 hours straight. Woo hoo! Now if we can just get him to stop fighting me at naptime, but that will be a different post....
                With my first son I tried to slowly defer nursing sessions to 3am then when he wasn't waking up at 3 to nurse anymore I tried to move it up to 4 then 5 etc. This took a month or two and admittedly he was easy to defer and most of the time would only fuss a minute then go back to sleep. If you can nurse him back down quickly before he totally gets alert then maybe you still should untill he seems more game to the idea, but give him 30 seconds or a minute to maybe see other options. You will have to see how you can finage it.
                Do you co-sleep or is he in your room? Proximity can help and certainly I don't advise leaving him alone to cry.