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    My baby is on a good nap/sleep schedule. It usually takes under 15 minutes to change him, read a story, and get him to sleep and down on our mattress. The problem is that he wakes up all the time. If I'm lucky he will sleep 45 minutes straight. Occasionally he will sleep 1.5 hours. But last night, he woke up an average of 3 times per hour between 7-10. Once I lay down with him he's awake every hour on he hour (if I'm lucky). I'm starting to wonder if the people that are opposed to sleep training have babies that sleep for 2-3 hours at a time. I'm starting to feel like a slave. I've been using the no cry solution --- got baby to sleep off of breast and sleeping 45 minutes is a miracle for our baby. He's 7 months now. I'm not thrilled about sleep training --- but is my baby really getting a decent night sleep waking up so often? I'm not. He's 7 months. Any new suggestions? I'm looking for new ideas or suggestions? Some motivation for me? I'm losing hope.
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    i wouldn't worry about how much sleep he's getting. although he's waking, he is probably not fully waking, so he's still getting sleep in. have you checked for food allergies? many foods can be nighttime offenders. wheat, dairy, eggs, dyes, and many others can cause night disturbances.


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      Food Allergies

      He was a horrible sleeper from day 1 and I tried eating nothing on the list of problem foods - but I never saw a difference and gave up. I've been thinking I should try out the chiropractor, especially since he was born c-section. We'll see! Most of my friends did versions of CIO and they make it sound so easy...that on bad nights I wonder why we are suffering so much! But after looking through the forums last night and realizing I'm not alone I felt better.