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Reduce night feeds for my eight month old

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  • Reduce night feeds for my eight month old

    This is also my first posting on API and I would really apreciate all of your addvice! L is my third baby and as with the others she is sleeping in bed with us and that is how I would like it to stay. Unfortunatly though L seems to think I am a giant pacifier! She feeds all night or should I say sucks. I Didnt mind this when she was small but I am starting to feel tired and need a little space. She was waking up every half an hour after I put her down in the evening but I have stopped feeding her between 7 and twelve and this seems to be working but I cant do this when I am in bed with her. I would like to feed her only at 12 and then again at 5, any tips?

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    My first child very easily lost his night nursings. My second was much more attached to nursing at night. You mention that she wakes up because you are there. Have you considered sleeping in another location, at least for a bit?