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HELP: i'm pregnant and 2 yo wakes 2 times night...

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  • HELP: i'm pregnant and 2 yo wakes 2 times night...

    Ok.. more details.

    I'm 13 weeks pregnant and my nipples were sooooo sore through the first trimester it was Terrrrrrible to nurse my almost 2 yo son. he only nurses to sleep these days.

    but lately it seems he's waking up 2 times or more a night and fussing that he's hungry. my nipples can't take it right now (hoping to get better soon) so we just get up and feed him a snack.

    I don't want this to become a habit, but i recognize a pattern of growth spurt. but I feed the boy LOTS right before bed, like noodles and peanut butter bread.

    please help. I wake up ANGRY and my husband works. it's making me rething AP and family bed for the next one. it's MISERABLE.


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    I understand you plight and your feelings regarding this. You do sound like you need a change but it does not have to be a drastic one.

    Is there another bed in another room just you could sleep in for a while untill your son sleeps for longer periods?
    Can you husband attend to him at night?
    Can you give him a drink in a cup so no one is really getting all the way up?

    Try to keep your idea of the family bed fluid. My husband slept with my oldest many nights when I was pregnant with my second. I slept poorly at times and needed to be let interupted when I did fall asleep. You can do it sometimes, part way and musical bed style and still get everyone's nightime needs met (especially if your hubby is wlling)

    Congrats on the baby!