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  • Nighttime safety

    With frost on the ground and winter months looming ahead, it's hard not to think about cold weather. We just bought a new house and unfortunatly it's heated by electricity. Last year we we're renting a house and we ended up paying a forturne to keep it heated to a temperature that would keep our new born warm, without blankets. This year we have no idea what to expect in heating bills (being it's electricity). I'm hoping to try and save some money and reducing our footprint by turning down the heat at night. However my dd gets cold fairly easily and i'm wondering when i can use a sheet and comforter with her to help her stay warm at night. I know before the summer hit (in the old house) she use to get really upset with a sheet on her because she would get all tangled up, after a few times in an hour i took the blanket off her bed and went back to heating the house. When is it safe to use a sheet and quilt, and how do you know when your toddler is ready for them??

    It's not the end of the world if she can't have it yet, the benifit of heating with electric is we can trun the heat down in all the other parts of the house and still keep the bedroom warm. I'm just curious about it, as i love nothing more than a big fluffy comforter on a cold winter night. BTW her crib is attatched to our bed, does anyone have any idea when i can start using a sheet and comforter??

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    So she is over a year and able to move blankets around a bit right? Maybe a small baby size one?
    You could also dress her in some layers too if you didn't want to worry about blankets.


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      I have heard conflicting advice, even from doctors, on when it is okay for kids to start sleeping with a blanket. My son is 17 months, and at nap time he uses a light blanket, not a comforter though. We layered him up last winter with a onesie, sleeper, and then put fleece pants and a sweatshirt over him at night. It was helpful because then we didn't have to worry about him kicking off his blanket and getting cold either, and he was happy. This is the plan for this winter as well. He moves around so much at night that a blanket doesn't stay on for long.


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        I think they make larger sleep sacks, have you tried one of them?


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          If you are worried about blankets, I'd put socks and a onesie on under a fleece pair of pjs. That said, DD and I cosleep and I use a quilt (no top sheet)... I position her further up the mattress than I am to help prevent pulling the blankets over her head... but it's a choice I made and I am comfortable with... she's usually not even under the covers over on her side of the bed.