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No sleep for 8 mth old...or his mom...

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  • No sleep for 8 mth old...or his mom...

    I am (desperately!) seeking some help regarding my 8 mth old's sleep habits. I have been partially co-sleeping with him from about 8 weeks old (he used to start the night in his bassinet, and I would transfer him to bed with me when I was too exhausted to sit up to nurse anymore!). However, once he outgrew his bassinet, we tried to transfer him to his crib, which has not worked. He will fall asleep (nursing, rocking etc) and transfer to his crib, but will only stay asleep for a max. of 1.5 hrs, which is a long stretch. He usually wakes at least 3-4 times before midnight, at which point I bring him to bed with me. At my husband's insistence, we tried a 'moderated' version of CIO (stayed in room rubbing back etc. while he screamed in crib), but after a mth. of ltd. success, I said enough. I am a big believer in responding to his needs, parenting him to sleep etc., but would like him to sleep for longer stretches, as I feel he might not be getting enough sleep. He also only naps for a max. of 40 mins (typically only 30, 2x/day) unless I lay down with him and soothe him back to sleep before he fully wakes. His sleep habits are a real source of tension btw. my husband and I, as he feels I am "coddling" him, and therefore he will never learn to sleep on his own. Anyone else experiencing similar issues? Any suggestions/tips/help would be so appreciated.

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    Have you read the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley? This helped us a ton! I will try to write more later...


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      Do you know how to nurse laying down?

      Have you any suspected food sensitivites?

      What is your husbands ideal nightime like for your baby?
      What is yours?
      What is your realistic goal for him and nightime?


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        I do know how to nurse laying down, which I do all night long!

        He has a suspected dairy allergy, so I have been off all dairy products for about 6 mths now, and he hasn't had any symptoms since.

        My husband's ideal nighttime would be for the baby to go in his crib awake, put himself to sleep, and stay asleep all night with no assistance from us. I am a little more realistic, and would really just like him to stay asleep for 3 or 4 hrs at a time;
        I am fine with having him wake up if he needs to, and am fine with nursing or rocking him to sleep and back to sleep if he needs it. I am also ok with continuing to co-sleep with him, although it is getting rather tiring for me with him waking up every hour or so wanting to nurse, and not wanting to go back to sleep any other way when he is in bed with me. He will let me remove my nipple (the Pantley way!) when we are sitting up to nurse, but not when in the middle of the night when he is in bed with me. I think that my husband would also be fine with continuing to parent baby to sleep if he stayed asleep for longer stretches.


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          I do have the No-Cry Solution; I used it before, but not for long husband was too impatient and wanted a "quick-fix" (i.e. cry it out, which people had told us would work in a matter of days-it didn't even after almost a month).

          I would like to try the No-Cry approach again, any tips on what really worked for you? What didn't?

          Thanks for the replies.