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Starts in crib, ends in our bed....

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  • Starts in crib, ends in our bed....

    Hi all.

    First post so please be gentle...

    We are the proud parents of a beautiful soon to be 15 month old girl.

    From day one - until she outgrew it - she has slept in a mini-********* next to us very well every night.

    We have since been migrating her little by little to her own room / crib. She takes her naps there with no issues.

    Getting her to sleep at night has not been an issue, unless you think helping her to get to sleep is an issue (I know some people do - not us). We have a routine and generally hold her to sleep in her room with light background music. Once asleep, we put her in her crib.

    About 25% of the time (about 5 months ago) she slept almost the entire night through on her own. The other 75% we'd bring her in our bed at about 3/4:00 a.m. until we awoke around 7:30 a.m.

    We thought we were moving towards her sleeping the entire night in her own crib until about 3 months ago where now almost nightly she awakens anywhere from midnight until 3:30 a.m. and can't get back to sleep.

    We bring her into our bed and almost instantly she falls back to sleep. If we bring her back to her crib she doesn't last long until we redo the process again... In order to allow all of us to sleep well, we just continue to bed share.

    It's not that we don't like it, it's more our preference to begin the transition to 100% in her own crib. We don't argue over it and I have convinced my wife that - from all the AP type readings I've done - bed sharing is not bad for her and in fact does help her.

    Any other similar experiences? Should we just continue the pattern and let her tell us when she's ready to do the 100% of the night in her crib?


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    Any other similar experiences? Should we just continue the pattern and let her tell us when she's ready to do the 100% of the night in her crib?
    Although neither of my children slept in a crib, we did introduce other sleeping areas and own rooms. It was a gradual transition and was never forced.

    Do YOU want her to be in her crib all night? I'm a little confused as to your intention with her sleep. It seems like you are both fine with the situation now. What is your motivation to change it? Is your wife bothered by her sleeping habits currently or worried by what it might mean in the long term?

    to the forum. I hope I was gentle!


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      Hi and thanks for the welcome and response... Your reply is most appreciated indeed.

      We are both ok with her in our bed, however our preference is her to sleep 100% of the time in her crib.

      If that means having an upset child, then we don't want that and will keep doing as we are. Just looking to see if anyone else has the similar experience and what they may have done that has worked well for them and their child.

      We do not practice CIO and have never let her do that - not once... We hear all the time to let her do it and she'll eventually cry herself back to sleep. Just do not believe in that theory (although I'm sure falling back to sleep would occur)...

      Looking for a successful track to accomplish what we are after. If it ultimately ends up being she's with us for a year or so longer - so be it. Not letting her CIO.
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        Some children do seem to be OK with crib sleeping and willingly partake in it all night. The difficulty is comforting them in their own space (because you cannot get in the crib!).
        That is why I suggest a mattress on the floor and her room babyproofed so that if she does wake up you or her mother can lay with/nurse to sleep then go back to your own space. I think it does give a child the sense that they are loved and save in their own space....and Mommy and Daddy come to vist.
        It is hard to convince a child that they are happy to stay somewhere! Sometimes they just don't agree. My just turned 2 year old sleeps most of the night in his single bed on the other side of our room and usually by 5am comes over to cuddle with me and fall asleep. (we only have a two bedroom house) His brother is 5 and sleeps most nights all night alone in his room. Halloween is making him a little spooked but we try to comfort him back to sleep if he wakes up.

        I don't know if you have read this or not-