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Advice Please! Co-Sleeping and Breast Feeding

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  • Advice Please! Co-Sleeping and Breast Feeding

    My baby boy is 16 months old and I am trying to figure out how to wean him from night time breast feeding. I am not ready to move him to his own crib, although he sleeps there before I come to bed from about 7 pm to 10 pm. I hear it is easier to wean breast feeding at night if he is sleeping independently. Which should I take on first?? He still nurses at least 3 times a night- after 10 pm, but I am not sure if it is just out of habit or thirst. His feeding is very irregular though, so I can't imagine just eliminating one feeding at a time. Does anyone have advice? And is it typical for co-sleeping toddlers this age to wake this often? Thanks!
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