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Co sleeping till what age?

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  • Co sleeping till what age?

    My 6yr daughter sleeps in the big bed with papa and i sleep on matresses on the floor with Jessy 5yrs and Léo 2.5yrs. I did put Lily and Jessy in their own room for a while but it became a battle of wills and very annoying. Jessy had lots of tantrums round that time. My husband insisted we bring them back and since that time things going much better. Is it a bit wierd having my 6yr old next to papa ? Will she start taking my place? and how long can we do this for? We are happy for the moment but won t they feel strange about having to keep this part secret at school? I saw there was an article on the forum but couldnt manage to read it so any suggestions would be most welcome to reassure me that we are not going to be screwing our kids up. XXXXX Anna xxxx

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    Hi Anna,
    If it works for your family, focus on continuing to meet everyone's needs the best you can. I'm sure your daughter goes to school with many other families that do the same thing. I can't tell you how many times I've had conversations with other families at our school that do some variation of co-sleeping. In our family, as our children grow, our practices change with them. Your current situation is definitely not permanent, so enjoy these snuggles while they last!


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      Thank you for your quick response.
      Just wondering if there is an age where it becomes a bit abnormal? Perhaps after 10 years old? Do people co -sleep after this age? I did try getting them into their own rooms after reading positive discipline by Jane Nelson. I suppose i must have got influenced by the idea conveyed in this book that its better for children to sleep in their own rooms. It's a shame that the book is so anti co-sleeping. I bought it after being recommended to read it after writing a post on your positive discipline forum so i thought it was in line with attachment parenting .
      Anna xxx


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        My oldest son is 10 and we don't have plans to change. As for Jane Nelson's book, the only book that we endorse as being 100% in line with the 8 Principles is "Attached at the Heart" by our Co-Founders. While there are MANY great books on AP out there, you have to use your discretion along with what works best for your family. As for what is "normal", it's hard to say. What's normal for you? For your child? For your family? Just last week, a mother confessed to me that her teenage daughter gets in bed with her every morning and they snuggle and talk. She told me like it was their dirty little secret yet juxtaposed it with the premise that it is also the reason why her daughter is so well-adjusted and wonderful. Strange, huh? I think it's a perfect example of a mother following her instinct but trying to adhere to cultural norms. I bet you'd find that this is way more "normal" in loving, stable families than we've been led to believe.
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