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9 month old will only nap in my arms

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  • 9 month old will only nap in my arms

    Hi. I'm new to the forums so hope someone has some advice or tips for me. my 9 month old son will only nap in my arms. I rock AND nurse him to sleep for all his naps. Some days I have been lucky and able to put him down once he is fast asleep but then he usually wakes up after 30 min and I can't get him back to sleep even though he is still tired. Then I have a cranky baba on my hands until his next nap time. I love our cuddle times but sometimes I would like to get other things done while he is napping so that when he wakes up I have more time to play with him. I have tried to put him down while drowsy but awake but he just gets more awake the longer I leave him there. Any advice from mommies who have been in the same situation? I'd really appreciate it!