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13 month old wont go to bed anymore

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  • 13 month old wont go to bed anymore

    I'm at the end of my tether. My LO has always been a particularly difficult sleeper but has always gone down for naps/bed without a peep as long as i cuddled her till she was drowsy.

    Suddenly She's fighting naps, she settles for about 5 mins then sits bolt upright and trys to get down off my lap and runs to the door. When she does nap its for 2hrs rather than her usual 45mins which is an improvement.

    As for bed time she just will not go to bed. I've been walking with her in a sling which has been working untill tonight. I've just resorted to putting her in her cot and letting her cry which I'm so against but I just dont know what to do. My husband has just taken her out in the car because he can see how distressed I'm getting.

    She seems sleepy and her eyes are rolling then bamb shes wide awake and running around again happy as larry.

    What can I do I cant let her stay up all night because we both need to be up at 6 tommorow cos i'm back at work.

    I'm sure shes over tired so I'm sure she needs to go to bed. i dont know what to do, Its been going on for about 2 months (not every night) but its getting more frequent.

    PLEASE HELP ME. I dont understand why this is happening all of a sudden

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    Any changes in her day to day life? New foods, activities?

    How long has this been happening? Teething?

    You sound exausted! luckily this will likely be short term! Imagine the end of the tunnel!!!

    thinking of you!


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      13 month old wont go to bed anymore

      I have an 18 month old baby boy. He was such a good sleeper. Now all of a sudden, he will not sleep in his crib Some nights he does and other nights are a complete nightmare and he ends up sleeping me myself and my husband in our bed. He "freaks" and cries to the point of getting sick. The routine we had was really working and now all of a sudden it has stopped. He is even up now in the middle of the night for hours then goes back to sleep. He only has one nap a day for about 2 to 3 hours. I dont know what to do anymore, this has been going on for a week I want my bed back


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        Dear Vaptase09
        Welcome to the forum.

        I dont know what to do anymore, this has been going on for a week I want my bed back
        I think something is up with your child. Anything new going on?

        The easy soultion would be to put a mattress on the floor of his room. Lay with him untill he falls asleep and return if he is having sleeping need at night.
        I would also serioulsly consider what might have created thease new feelings he has been showing you. Any ideas?