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pacifier problems, please help!

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  • pacifier problems, please help!

    My 8 wk old daughter has never seemed to be able to nurse herself to sleep. The milk is just too distracting for her...she gets full and then she gets mad that the milk is still coming out. At 3 wks old we started using a pacifier and it seemed like a lifesaver for me and my nipples. But now she doesn't seem to be able to sleep without it. During the night she sleeps deeper so once she falls asleep she does fine, but nap times or after her early morning feeding, she thinks it HAS to be in her mouth to sleep, and she fusses if it falls out...which it does, over and over again. I know she is not sleeping well because she is so caught up in whether the pacifier is in. And I am not sleeping well because I have to keep putting it back in her mouth. I am not sure what to do. I know it will be a huge battle if I break her of the pacifier all together and I am afraid she would find it traumatic since she really seems to need to suck. But I can't handle having to stick it back in her mouth every 5 minutes. Did anyone else deal with this? Any ideas? Do you think it would be too confusing if I let her have the pacifier to soothe with, but took it away when she started falling asleep?

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    Do you think it would be too confusing if I let her have the pacifier to soothe with, but took it away when she started falling asleep?
    I think it is totally possible to 'spot wean' with a paci. That is what you would be doing. Think gradual adjustment, small increasing of time between offering etc....

    That sounds very frustrating!
    There was a 2-3 m period where both my boys did use pacifiers (2-5m) when it started getting franatic making sure we had one for a car ride, nap etc I knew it was time to wean us all from it. It was a little rough at first....but we provided fingers to suck on and did it gradually at first. Near the end we let all the pacis get lost and didn't get anymore. My boys did adjust fine as they got distracted from new stuff they noticed and could do with the next deveopmental stage.
    I thought it was extra important to mention I did nurse them both much more at this time to get them over the hump of adjustment. A lot of nursing that first few days without them!


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      u could be waking every hour or more to replace the pacifier until 7 months, so if you can spot wean i would encourage it. we only use binky on car trips, bad moments in public and at nite now cause she can put it back in her own mouth although she rolls over on it sometimes and that smarts!