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    We have a 4 month old that is very laid back, not fussy, has slept very well at night, but for whatever reason does not want to nap but ON us. I can sometimes lay him down (limp arm, etc) for an afternoon nap - he'll sleep about 1 hour and wake crying and not happy. I'll feed him (he would have ate 1 hour previous) and he'll sleep for another 1.5-2+ hours ON us. I asked the doctor this week and he said that if Rudy doesn't wake up happy from his nap, he probably needs more sleep....when he sleeps the 3-4 hours - he wakes totally content!

    The past few days I've tried to lay him down "tired" but that only ends up in crying ...

    Mom needs some time......and napping on her everyday is just not working.

    Any advice? books?


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    I would say to keep trying to lay him down for nap. Of course it won't work well the first week or so but eventually it will be the norm. Keep practicing!


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      can you lay him down and lay next to him? snuggle him close, then over time, slowly move away.


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        I have the EXACT same baby...

        This is what I've told myself: He is a baby. Only been alive 15 weeks. He knows what he needs. As hard as it is at times to have to sit still for 2-3 hours while he naps, he will only need this for a short period of his life and then I'll be longing for those days...

        I set myself up in our bed (Where we co-sleep at night) with water, snacks, my computer, a book or magazine. I do this EVERY day at the same time and he nurses/naps and wakes up happy. Sometimes I choose to sleep, too. My goal is to create positive sleep associations and continuity and every few days I try to put him down and see if it will work. I know one day it will, but for now I'm actually starting to look forward to my quiet time and nothing is so important it can't wait.

        I decided at Asher's birth that I will let him lead the way and he hasn't let me down yet so I'm just trusting him with this, too.


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          I am a mother to a 2 yr old and a 9 month old, both kids we co-sleep with. I know this is not what you want to hear, but we nap with our kids during the day. The reason being is they always sleep longer and are well rested when we nap with them. Sleep is an absolute priority for us.

          My 2 yr. (adopted and not breast fed) does not like to nap by himself, never has. He absolutely refused to sleep on his own until about 6 months ago. Even then he will want what we call a "resnuggle" in the middle of the nap. If we want him to sleep well, we will sleep with him.

          Not sure if you're nursing? Nursing babies usually wake more frequently. My 9 month old (breast fed) will nurse (laying down), we lay down together on our bed and then he naps on his own, but it took some time (and trust - remember you're building trust by always being there when baby goes down and wakes). You might just need some time. If you want to be mobile, try putting the baby in a carrier.

          Once a day I put both boys down at the same time. I bring the computer, a book and water with me every time they nap, so I can stay put. I nurse my youngest in the middle and resnuggle with oldest when he needs it. Sometimes I keep weird hours, like I'll nap during the day with the kids and then get up in the middle of the night for mommy time.

          It's very demanding and it was very frustrating at first, but over time you might use that time to relax, read and catch up on your blog reading or whatever. It's confining, I know, but for us there is nothing more important for healthy development than trusted sleep. One of the benefits is you'll be able to take your baby anywhere because they won't need a crib, light machinine, vibrator or whatever other gizmo to feel comforted. Another benefit is my kids will sleep through a lot of noise, so long as one of us is there. I'm convinced it is very natural and good for bonding, but not easy.