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  • Sleeping away from home

    I am just wondering how your toddlers do or did sleep away from home. My 19 month old sleeps fairly well at home, but when we go visit anywhere, he wakes up literally 20 times, tosses and turns, and sleeps far fewer hours than normal.

    All of my non-AP minded friends say their kids sleep fine pretty much anywhere. Maybe they wake up once a night or require a little more time to go to sleep. I am just wondering if this is AP related or just my son's style... thanks mamas!

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    My boys have pretty much slept closer to homelike, especially if they were still co-sleeping.
    Don't forget that there is likely other issues such as travel food, excitement, odd feeling bed, sheets, sounds etc Some kids are more responsive to thease things and have them reflect in there sleep....maybe your boy.
    I know we tend to eat more 'junk' traveling (sweets, artificial colors, overly processed food) and that does effect general behavior (including getting ready for bed and falling asleep)
    I never sleep exactly the same traveling, do you?


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      No, not really, but I just never really hear of kids having *quite* so much difficulty as mine and it is worse the older he gets. He is very sensitive to changes in routine though. It is getting pretty challenging to be overnight anywhere. I end up getting about 3 hours of sleep!


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        19 m old is still pretty young...6m from now he may sleep great on travels....don't lose long term faith!!


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          I don't think it's an AP thing. We've slept away from home with our 20 month old son 3 times (twice for 6 days at a time) and he never had any problems. He slept just as well as he does at home. I think your son is probably just sensitive to change in his environment. Some adults don't sleep well away from home and some do, so I'm sure it's the same with kids.