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    Shae (13.5 months) and I are night weaning. I am NOT nursing her between 11 and 6am, as I'm exhausted and starting to resent it. Last night was night two. She was awake and whining (not crying) from 3 until 5am... the night before the same but from 130 to 330... For all of you that enforced a night weaning lately, in general, how long before she stops trying for 2 hours to get me to pull my boob out????????????????? I'm super tired and frustrated. She's not starving, as both nights she nursed at 5 pm and 10pm (I have never nursed her to sleep, so it's not a sleep association as far as I know).

    We cosleep and I have no desire to change that, but I'm a single parent and back to work, and the night time nursing is really affecting my daytime parenting...

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    So how many days have you been trying to night wean? Sound like maybe two nights? It took me a good two weeks to feel that it really 'took' totally. Please be relaxed about your approach. I found the more aggitated I acted the more desperate the night weaning child found the process.
    This Kellymom link is also pretty helpful-

    I nightweaned my second at around this time and did have to delay another week when it just seemed like it was not going well (he was finshing getting a tooth!) Of course that was bothersome but after the 'window' opened up it was much easier.
    Keep that chin up, it will happen in good time