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    I am not sure what to do but my daughter has always slept with me - the first night in hospital the midwife put her in my bed and there has been no turning back - currently she sleeps in a modified crib next to my bed - the side pulls down so i can get in with her to breastfeed but also pull the side up when i'm not in the room so that i know she is safe, at night she only wakes once or possibly twice but i'm having lots of trouble getting her to sleep in the daytime and evening.

    She used to only go to sleep when breastfed or walked up and down the stairs and then once asleep would wake whenever put down, so after talking to a friend with the same issue i tried the (very evil woman's) pick up and put down technique - which has been kind of sucessfull - your not actually supposed to let the baby cry but to settle it each time it does - though there is inevitably some crying.

    Now she i've never left her to cry and always comforted her but now unless she is really really tired she doesn't go to sleep either she just cries for a couple of seconds and then quite often lays there babbling away to me or her toys and/or shoving her hand down her throat and making herself sick and i can't breastfeed her to sleep in the evenings either as she just wakes up and/or feeds till she is full throws up and then eats more.

    Basically (aside from the hand shoving which i think is teeathing she seems quite happy and doesn't notice weather i'm in the room or not. Am i really evil if i leave her and try and get some stuff done in the house - always returning if she cries or sounds upset - in the vague hope that she might drop off to sleep herself - last night she did tonight after 20 mins she was still babbling away so i went in and we had a cuddle downstairs whilst i ate tea and then when she got really upset and crochety we took her upstairs where she cried for a bit whilst i cuddled her and then she settled down to sleep.

    I'm probably paranoied but i am terrified that the pick up put down technique has some times scared her - i hope it haven't but i dont' know how to tell if i have ( she still beams at me and makes happy noises when i pick her up and we hold hands in our sleep) and also i don't know if leaving the room when she seems fairly happy is a bad thing or not.

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    first, i'd drop the word evil from your vocabulary. you're going to do yourself in with such strong language. instead, give yourself a hug and know that you're a great mom and will figure out exactly what your child needs.

    i'm a bit confused by your post. are you saying that if you lay her down and cuddle her she cries a few seconds, then falls asleep. and if you leave her alone she cries a few seconds, but will sometimes babble?


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      My husband said the same thing about the word evil.

      I leave her alone if she is babbling but tired and lurk in another bedroom and then run in if she sounds like she is upset at all - mainly she doesn't seem like she is upset but looks tired and i wonder if i'm keeping her awake by being a distraction and also getting frustrated that i can't do anthing.

      This evening she was grumpy but not really crying so i cuddled and shushed and patted her till she was almost alseep and put her down and then quietly withdrew (about 3 times) - so not really upset - and less than she was in her buggy earlier. I guess that i get quite distressed that she seems to need to have a bit of a cry before she drops off.


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        no more EVIL!!!!