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Do your kids have their own room?

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  • Do your kids have their own room?

    Just as the title says...

    I'm hoping to find we're not the only people with a family bed and *gasp* our kids not having their rooms

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    yes. We have a family bed and a bedroom for the children. DD is only three months so she is just in with us all the time. DS starts off in his own bed and usually comes in with us halfway through the night. For the most part I would say that the 'bedroom' is probably more of a playroom where his toys are kept.


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      Our lounge is the toy room LOL

      Maybe we are odd but I don't see the need for their own rooms. One day our son will want his own bed or room, but at almost 4.5 he doesn't have any desire yet. of course the 15 month doesn't either LOL


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        My oldest asked for his own bed when he went to play w/a friend and saw that she had hers. We bought it for him, but it was quite a while before he actually slept in it. Since having ds2, we've bought a second, b/c he wants everything big brother has. Now, they sleep in their room together. I'll often go in and find them both in the same bed, hugging each other, sound asleep. It's the most precious thing ever. They both come get in bed w/me whenever they want, ds2 does it almost nightly.


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          Our 9 mth old has a beautiful nursery with a gorgeous crib all decorated up just like in a store. He has never slept in the crib; we call this room his "dressing room" because the closet has all of his clothes and toys in it. We use this room for changing only...and for showing people who may think it's 'weird' that he sleeps with me on a mattress on the floor in the spare room! I really wish I had known about co-sleeping before buying the crib...oh the money that could have been saved.


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            He he LLmom, I think a lot of us didn't end up using the crib!

            Our house has only two bedrooms and my eldest did have his own room around 1 1/2 yrs old (before that it was my sewing room!) He started being bothered when we finally went to bed for the night (we would talk and make too much noise) so that was our motivation. He usually spent the first half of the night there, then one of us would come over or he would walk over to our room and get in bed. Our second born is now 2 and sleeps (first half of the night!) in a toddler bed in our room. I am pregnant with our third now and we are trying to sell this house so we can have another room! The 2 year old is still too silly to be put to bed with his 5 year old brother but that is what we intend at some point! I try to keep it flexible of course but I do like a little space when I sleep!
            Wish us luck on our house selling and buying!


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              Originally posted by naomifrederickmd View Post
              I am pregnant with our third now and we are trying to sell this house so we can have another room!
              Congratulations on your pregnancy Naomi!

              As for the topic of this thread, my DS and DD have a wonderful room (wonderful in a cheap and colourful Ikea sort of way) to share. A room yet to be slept in.


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                We used our 2nd bedroom as a dressing room for a while. Never as a bedroom.

                One day our DS will want his own room I guess, but I guess I don't see the point yet.

                I'd love to see someone else post that also doesn't have the kids own rooms.

                Oh and congrats Naomi


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                  Nope. We have a family bed. No separate room for the kiddo.

                  Ideally, I'd like to have a room dedicated to his stuff, just to contain it a bit, but our house is quite small and it just makes sense to spread things out more.


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                    We also have a room that is decorated so nice, but has never been slept in. It's amazing how much things can change once a LO arrives. I spent a lot of time painting and decorating his room and the sad part is my aunt and uncle took us crib shopping and bought us a nice crib that gets used to store things in. I do feel bad about that, but before DS was born I figured he would sleep in a bassinet in our room until he was 3 months old and then move to his crib because I didn't know there was any other way. Now he's 20 months and still sleeps in our bed and I hope he will for a long time to come. His toys and clothes are in his room and we change him in there and he does play in there. Eventually he'll sleep there too.


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                      Both of my girls have their own room. Sophia has a crib and sleeps well on her own in there, but she is literally four steps from our bed and we never shut her door or our door. Brianna has a crib that has never been used (well - I take that back - the laundry basket is in there). Instead she has a twin floor bed that I nurse her to sleep on. I can leave her for the first part of the night and I join her when she wakes up the first time. When she was a little baby, she just slept in our bed. But I was afraid of her rolling out of the bed and falling on the wood floors, so that is when we started the floor bed. Love it.


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                        My son has a play room, but stays with us. (Also some IKEA furnishings)
                        My girls sometimes shared a room, but mostly it was all of us in one room. Single mother in NYC & Brooklyn for two decades, separate rooms were not really an option and it wasn't for many of the families we associated with. I am thankful for that now and so are my girls. My youngest girl especially due to health issues. She will be 23 this week and our bond is amazing.




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                          DD has her own room where her clothes, toys, books, and a queen-size bed. We also have a queen in our bedroom across the hall. Sometimes we all sleep in her room (like if she pees on the sheets and we don't have time to wash/change them), but we almost always all sleep in ours. Her room is really just for show.


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                            Our boys (5 and 2) have slept 2 nights in the same room together....for 1/2 of the night. The 2 year old seemed to really WANT to be in with his brother so I wasn't going to argue. Our house is on the market again (exausting!) and the toddler bed looks better in his brother's room to look as a 'kid's room'. With my progressing pregnancy and my hubby hurting his back the prospect of moving the toddler bed if we had a showing was not looking like something we wanted to do a few times a week.

                            When the oldest wakes up my husband has been laying in his bed with him untill he goes back to sleep. The 2 year old might need me to go lay with him for a few minutes...or near the end of the night come back to our bed. The oldest is actually comforted by having his brother in the room with him so hopefully that will lesson some of his alarmist night wakings!

                            We only just started a few weeks we will see how things are going then!


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                              we too have only a family room with dd room being just a space for her clothes and toys - doesn't even have a bed in it! can't imagine her wanting her own room for some time (22 months now) and can't bear to think of it either. Have a friend who had their family sleep room until ds was 11yo and dd 8 yo and worked brilliantly for them - lovely family.