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Do your kids have their own room?

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    Originally posted by mamadee View Post
    we too have only a family room with dd room being just a space for her clothes and toys - doesn't even have a bed in it! can't imagine her wanting her own room for some time (22 months now) and can't bear to think of it either. Have a friend who had their family sleep room until ds was 11yo and dd 8 yo and worked brilliantly for them - lovely family.
    sounds lovely to me. Most would find that odd I guess, but not me


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      I posted a month ago with my boys' new arrangement. It is still working alright. When they both fall asleep together (hubby lies with the 2yr old untill he falls asleep, the 5 yr old is happy he is in the room while falling asleep) The toddler wakes usually 3-4 hrs later and sleeps with us the rest of the night. 60% of nights the 5 yr old comes and gets his dad to lay with him around 4am. The bed is simply too little to have us all in together espcially since I am 6m pregnant and need my adjustment/pillow supporting room!

      We did have a number of days where everything was off. The toddler took a late nap so was not sleepy at his brothers bedtime or one was sick and needed special care. After the toddler had a few nights where I 'babied' him a lot because he was ill (nursed, cuddled, held most of the night) it was another adjustment for him to go back to the established nightime routine, but he did it!
      I always think it is important to remain flexible!

      We are moving to the other side of town in late February! Likely another bed arrangement because we will have another bedroom and our other queen gets to come out of storage!!! Then the new baby of course