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  • Night weaning- pantley method-

    My son just turned 2 and these night nursings really need to end. "If you resent it change it" right? we have a very established and content night routine that works well- most of the time. It takes about 30-40 min. to nurse him to sleep. In my absence or if it is taking longer- my husband will walk him. But at 30 lbs- the walking needs to end too.
    SO I read Pantley's book for toddlers and she says that if you want to night wean than you shouldn't nurse your child to sleep because that is their sleep association- which make sense- but I am Ok with nursing him to sleep for naps and bedtime. SO now this opens up a whole can of worms- I have tried to nurse him to drowsiness and then pull him off and lay with him and have him fall asleep on his own. I was with him today for nap for 3 hours. He never slept- although he did lie in his bed while I read in a chair for a part of that time. there were moments of shouting on my end- crying on his and he would come to me and I held him and would put him back in the bed. He cried while I sat right next to the bed. SO same results the night before and then my husband finally rocked him as it was getting late.

    Now I know I am early into this but is this how it is suppose to be? Meaning am I to continue this method even if it means he misses a nap- which causes more sleep problems for a few days, and have an extremely late bedtime just so we are not nursing or walking him to sleep? It is screwing up the whole routine. It is turning into a late bedtime which means a later wake up time and then a late nap and then a late bedtime- you know the cycle.

    My goal for now is just to end the night nursings- when I have refused in the past he gets wide awake and will be up for hours and yes we do the family bed. Last night I was able to shhh him when he fussed and nursed around 6am- which is a deadline I am fine with since I don't want him up for the day at 6am. My plan was to nurse like we always do in the nursery and then when he is still drowsy head into our bedroom and lie in the bed with him and do the pantley pull off- which if I understand correctly is to unlatch him every 10 sec.- if he is fussing and starting to perk up- nurse again for 10 sec. and continue

    He doesn't understand the concept of the sun- so I can't tell him "we only nurse when the sun is out" I can say "no nurse"- he will understand that- it doesn't seem to help. I eventually want him to fall asleep without nursing/walking when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

    I tried to anticipate questions and provide all the needed info-so sorry if this is too long.
    Thank you!!