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Weaning 24 mo. old from walking/nursing to sleep- taking forever to fall asleep

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  • Weaning 24 mo. old from walking/nursing to sleep- taking forever to fall asleep

    For about 2 weeks now we have been night weaning- going pretty well- and ceasing walking and nursing to sleep. I anticipated that it would take longer to fall to sleep as a result- boy has it ever.

    It also seems to me that he can go longer stretches between sleep as he is getting older. SO that means his naps are a little later plus it is taking 45-60+ minutes to fall asleep(use to be 20-30 min)- which means his nap is really late and consequently his bedtime is late- which means less downtime for me at night. Less time to recharge my batteries for the next day.

    SO twice a day I am spending a lot of time and energy putting him to sleep and it is draining my patience. When he does sleep for his nap he will sleep his usual 2 hours- which leads me to believe he still needs to nap- but I was wondering how do you know when a child doesn't need to nap anymore?

    Is this expected behavior during this transition time and should just keep at it? I would really like to still keep his bedtime at 8pm- but these late naps are impeding that. When I am at the end of my rope should I just walk him or stick with the plan?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

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    my initial thought is to give it some time. you are changing a lot all at once, both the way you get him to sleep and night weaning. it is also quite possible that he is outgrowing his nap, but that would be hard for me to tell. can you try not giving him a nap and seeing if he goes down earlier and easier at night? but remember that whenever you make any change in sleep routine, it can take many weeks to notice improvement/results.


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      Yes, if he doesn't get a nap he goes down earlier and easier. What are the indicators when a child doesn't need a nap? He does still sleep for 2 hours when he does go down so i would be inclined to think he needs it. i can give more time and re-evaluate??


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        i don't know of any sure-fire indicators. i suspect they'd be different for each child. pediatricians just look at total sleep hours w/in a 24 hour period, so you can find scales that indicate how much sleep is recommended for your child's age.

        you say that it's easier if he doesn't nap, so i suppose it's a matter of what you can work out with your child.


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          my dd is only 22 month old. There have been days when i'm out and about and i've tried not doing anything to put her to sleep. I find that by about 3:00pm she becomes very aggitated, appears sleepy and nothing make her happy and with a little soothing will fall asleep without a num num. She only sleeps about an hour for any of her naps. To me that's an indication that she's not ready to give up her nap. If you can keep your lo up without a lot of problems it could be possible that your lo is ready to give it up. However, i would suggest continuing your new night time routine for a couple of more weeks and then re-evaluate if he's still challenging to settle at night time. Let us know how it goes!


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            hi there~
            wow. this is pretty much my life, minus having to walk/nurse. it takes forever to get my boy to go to sleep (nursing) - his naps are later and later, which of course means bedtime (for both of us) is later and later....and then getting up is late. and to have nim wake up throughout his nap if i leave prevents me from being able to have anytime to myself, not to mention he is not getting a solid nap. and then i stay up later and later just to get things done. it is a vicious cycle!
            i am at a loss. has anything helped so far?