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16-month-old won't sleep

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  • 16-month-old won't sleep

    I'm the father of a 16-month-old boy that is having some serious sleep issues.

    We had been happily co-sleeping with our son until about 13 months, at which point he started waking up throughout the night, wanting to play and move around. My wife wasn't able to get him to go back to sleep by nursing him (which had worked great up to this point), so we made the very difficult to decision to remove him from our bed. Again, this wasn't something we wanted to do, but it had become clear after about six agonizing sleepless weeks of trying that we weren't going to be able to get him to start sleeping in the bed with us.

    The problem is that we also weren't able to get him to sleep in a crib, so we started putting him to sleep in his stroller, and then pushing him back and forth in his stroller when we wakes up at night. This worked for a few weeks, but now he is waking up constantly throughout the night and will only go back to sleep after 30 or 45 min of being pushed back and forth in his stroller. He'll have a good night where he sleeps for longer periods, but these are few and far between.

    So now we feel trapped. We'd like for him to co-sleep with us again, but when we've tried it he simply won't sleep. He wants to play, "talk", squirm, and when he nurses he moves from breast to breast every five seconds, like he can't settle down or focus. (Should note that he is a VERY active child, but has no problem sitting down and reading books with us or otherwise focusing on things during the day.)

    We really do NOT want to have him cry it out, so we are looking for suggestions as to what we can do here. Our goal is to be able to get at least five or six hours of uninterrupted sleep out of him every night, whether that's in our bed, in his crib, or in his stroller.