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    Here are a couple sticky situations I am in...

    I started co sleeping with DD the day she was born, it came so natural and I had no clue co sleeping actually existed. About a year ago I wanted to start getting her to sleep on her own, we bought her a big girl bed (a full so I could fit in it) and as of today I am still sleeping in her bed. She will be 4 in April. She will go to sleep on her own (with a fight) but wake up screaming for me a few hours later. How do I break her from having me in the bed?

    Here is my other situation which is part of this one...

    We now have a 10 week old DS who I automatically wanted to co sleep. Because I sleep with DD he sleeps on my chest. For about a week now he has been moving off my chest in the middle of the night. This is so unsafe being in DD bed and I don't know what to do. I'm to the point now that because it is so hard to break DD from co sleeping that I want to get my son to sleep in a crib. Is it wrong to co sleep with one child but not the other? Will they develop differently? DD and I are very attached.

    Also, he prefers to sleep on his tummy and I also know this is wrong but how can I get him to sleep in a crib on his back? HELP!!!

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    is the full on the floor or raised up? if on the floor, could you sleep between the two of them? if raised, can you make it flush with the wall or use a bedrail and still sleep between them?

    i don't think it's necessarily "wrong" to do things differently with your children, but i do think it's wrong to make decisions with one child based solely on what happened with your other. every child is so completely different and just b/c your oldest is sleeping with you at 4, that in no way is an indicator that your 2nd will do the same.

    try to get in the habit of viewing behaviors as expressions of needs. your dd is trying to communicate to you that she has a need to be with you at night. when she is ready to be on her own, she'll let you know.

    as for sleeping on his tummy, if you are right there, nursing throughout the night, the concern is minimal. however, if you put him in a crib and aren't there to check on him, you definitely need to put him on his back.


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      There are things you can do like getting a bigger bed and having one child on one side and the other on the other side....with you in the middle, the bed on the floor or rails/wall as Paxmama suggested.

      Is the child's father avalible to lay next to the older child? That is what we did when I had my second (gradualy over the months I was pregnant)

      Having a new baby and transitioning to 2 children can be a very hard time (it was for me).