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Co-sleeping taking a turn

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  • Co-sleeping taking a turn

    We have been co-sleeping with my daughter since the day she was born, she is now 14 mo. Lately it feels like our bed is just getting way to small for the three of us. She spends all night kicking me and jabbing me. She is also getting very bosy about what position I sleep in so she can easily nurse whenever she feels like it. I am getting less and less sleep as a result. I put her down at night and then I get an hour with my husband she used to go 3 hours before waking up and asking me to come to bed. When I do go up she wants to take up half the bed sleeping sideways. Please help! What can I do, I still like having her close but she is getting to be a huge bed hog!

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    There are many things you could do.

    Add another bed in your room for her (that could be a single bed on the floor so you can lay with her or a toddler bed)
    Add a safe bed in another room (single on the floor so you can lay with her at needed intervals.)
    Get a larger bed

    and those are just some of the possible options!

    I did nightwean a little after a year old for both my boys. That certainly may not be something you are interested in doing. You might be able to lesson night waking if you offer her water (and she takes it!) a few times a night. Even if you are not on the same surface for most of the night (in the same bed) that might lessen night waking.

    Her acceptance of change may not happen right away. If you do move a bed for her (especially in another room) make sure you are very, even extra, attentive to her during the transition so the change is not so drastic. Once she feels secure that even with this new bed you are still avalible she may relax and rest longer and better.
    Give your self a few weeks to work out the kinks.