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  • Molars

    My 19-month-old daughter is working on breaking her first molar and I need some advice! During the past 7 days, she has woken up every 60 minutes or less at night, crying and wanting to nurse. She'll nurse for comfort for about 20 minutes, then start the cycle over again. She is also nursing through her entire nap during the day. All of this is resulting in a very tired baby and a totally sleep-deprived mama. My husband works out of down Sunday - Friday, so I'm on my own parenting our little girl and I really must get sleep! Help!

    I've tried the homeopathic teething tablets and drops and they seem to help a little, but she refuses to take anything in the middle of the night when she's half awake/half asleep. I'm not a fan of Orajel. We use Tylenol sparingly and only if absolutely necessary. I'm beginning to wonder if it's time to break it out, although she spits it out when I do try to give it to her.

    If anyone has ideas, advice, tips, encouragement, whatever - I'd be so grateful.


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    ahhhhh, we found the molars the WORST! Totally understand. The worst part (for us anyway) was that they seemed to take so long to come through. We also use pain meds very sparingly and up until the molars hadnt really used anything at all. We were at the stage that you are at and I just had to make the call for sleeps sake and gave DS some paracetamol..... he slept! We gave him about half the recommended dose before he went to bed and the night was totally different to the one before.

    We also found cold foods great, like frozen bananas, yoghurt etc, but of course thats hard during the night.

    I know there will be people on here who managed to hold out on the pain medicine but I was not one of them. I also think that children deal with the teeth differently, some seem to breeze through it, others are just miserable.



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      I hear you I am in the same place with my 14 mo. old we almost have the first molar in but she is an absolute wreck, I was in tears yesterday because I was trying to make her feel better without resorting to the tylenol. I finally gave in and gave it to her, and she slept so well. She looked at me with such a look of finally that I stopped beating myself up for giving it to her, and was so happy she could get some good rest and start to feel better. Good luck