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  • New bed, New room

    My mom recently lost her mother and has been going through a rough spell. I told her that i was thinking about getting my dd into her own bed and that if she wanted something positive to keep her busy we could decorate her room. Well the paint and decorations are bought and we're starting to get it ready. I've got a general idea on how i'm going to start: Naps at first for a few months, than offering her the new special bed at night. Hopefully starting out going to sleep in the new room and whenever she done sleeping in that bed she is welcomed to come back to ours at any time.
    I'm wondering how others helped their children transition to there own rooms or if you have any suggestions for me. Love to hear your stories.

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    transitioning my dd to her new big girl bed for naps went well. at bedtime we just let her run from the bathroom to her choice of beds up until last night it was always our bed. She decided last night she wanted to sleep in her princess room. It went really well until midnight when she woke up to nurse. I responded immediatly to her and nursed her back to sleep. When she was asleep i went back to my room, the second my head hit the pillow she was awake again. I went back to her bed and started nursing her to sleep. She looked at me and said "mommy sleep in abby's princess room". I said "no mommy will help abby go back to sleep than mommy will sleep in her bed". I wouldn't have a problem sleeping in her room except the bed is too small for us both. I also didn't want to lie and say ok and than leave her when she was asleep. after 40 min of trying to help her settle down and being unsuccessful i asked if she wanted to sleep in mommy's bed. she agreed and came back into our room and slept well. Although a little anxious about taking her nap today she did go to sleep in her bedroom.
    Does anyone have any other suggestions on how i could handle this if it arises in the future?


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      We just started transitioning my daughter to her own room it's been almost a full 2 weeks. The first week and a half she would start in her bed and then wake up 1.5 to 3 hours later then I would go in and tell her I would bring her to Mommy and Daddy's bed. Well last night I went in like always and told her I would bring her to our bed and she said no asked to nurse and rolled over and went back to bed. She woke up a few more times throughout the night but I think it just takes time to get used to the new surroundings. I was shocked when she said no she didn't want to come to our bed and she just rolled over to go back to sleep we did this about 4 times last night. At 3am I just crawled in with her, for the remaining 3 hours. I'm hoping the waking goes down, she is also fighting off a cold so I think that contributed to the frequent waking last night. I would say just keep offering to take her to your room and if she doesn't want to let her know that you will wait till she goes to sleep but you sleep in your bed and she can join you any time she wants.