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  • starting the night in her crib...

    Hi, We have been back and forth trying to figure out what works for our baby girl. She is now almost 7 mths old and is waking up every hour throughout the night and I nurse her back to sleep. I'm not so concerned with this, even though I'm am extremely exhausted, because I know it will pass.

    What I would like some opinions on is this, we put her to sleep in her crib at night in her room because it allows us to have some time to ourselves at night when we first get into bed and she is also a light sleeper and trying to put her to bed in our bed does not work because she wakes up to the slightest thing.

    So my question is do you think it is ok for her night time rhythm to put her to bed in her crib and then bring her into our bed at first waking, which right now is about 1 hour after I put her down. As she starts sleeping better, more soundly?, I will try again to put her to bed in our bed or her little bed next to ours.

    I have decided to put our bed on the floor and put a twin mattress between our bed and the wall, so she will have her own space but I can lay there withe her when she needs me. I think this might eventually help with the frequent waking to nurse?

    I would love to hear from anyone who has this situation and how it works for you. We really want her in our room sleeping with us and we also want the space in the bed for our eight yr old when she needs to sleep with us, which is a lot lately.

    thank you!

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    I have heard of many people who start the baby off in the crib at night, and then move them to the bed at the first waking. And I have also heard of good luck with the mattress on the floor, next to a mattress. We didn't have the room for that. But, if we did, I would have done that in a heart-beat.

    What we did was buy a knock-off of the foam bed mattress. You know? The kind that doesn't use springs--just foam, so you don't feel movement from others as much. If you are in the market for a new bed, you might consider it for yourself and your situation.

    I think it's wonderful that you have the ability to see the big picture and that "this too shall pass." I also love that you are making room in your bed for your 8 year old, because this is a transition for the entire family, including her.

    My first would wake every hour when she was 7 months, until maybe a year or so. At age 3 years she wanted her own bed, and usually sleeps there--quite often asking to go to bed, and if it is past her bedtime. (?!)




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      thank you for the reply, we have our king size bed on the floor and a twin mattress next to it, it is just one huge family bed! it does help to put her in her bed at the beginning of the evening because of her frequent waking. this allows me a little time to sit and read before the all night nursing starts.

      it is interesting that she can take her naps during the day in her crib for two to three hours without waking, do you think that the nighttime waking could be helped with nighttime weaning? i am not sure how i would go about this because i am the only one who can settle her to sleep, she does not go to sleep for her daddy, even if he rocks or walks, etc... i have not tried a pacifier at night when she wakes, somewhat reluctant to do that. i do know it will pass, just hopefully sooner than later.