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Baby Starting to Roll in his sleep

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  • Baby Starting to Roll in his sleep


    I am a new mommy and thus new to co sleeping. Don't have any mommy friends that are cosleeping, so hoping that you might share your wisdom.

    Our little guy, now 9 months (two months prem so little) has been rolling up a storm for the last month or so. At night though he has been pretty stationary. We would put him to sleep in our bed around 7pm and then join him later. Everything was going great until a week ago when he started rolling in his sleep.

    We have put up bed rails, but they are only on the sides. I am now so nervous about letting him sleep on his own that I am watching the video monitor constantly.

    Any advice on the best ways to make your bed safe once they are rolling?

    Thank you so much for your help!!!


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    the safest thing to do is put the mattress directly on the floor. we have hardwood floors, so we also put pillows all around the edges.


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      Agreed. That is what we did too.....put the mattress on the floor. We had some old heavy wool blankets that I put just under the edge like a 'rug' but none of my kids ever got to the edge anyway.