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2 year old rarely naps without me - help!

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  • 2 year old rarely naps without me - help!

    My son turned 2 in December and I really need some guidance on helping him to sleep better. I am a single mother (we moved out a month ago tomorrow - which is a good thing, btw!). But, I desperately need him to nap on his own so I can get things done. I typically have to lie there with him for atleast 45 minutes, then I *might* be able to sneak away. He often wakes up at the slightest movement or sound. He has never been a good sleeper. I don't know what to do!

    He is still breastfeeding and cosleeping with me. The last few nights he has done better with not nursing ALL. NIGHT. LONG. We talk every night about "Mama's milk is sleeping when the sun is sleeping. You can have mama's milk when the sun comes up." He understands, but simply wants to nurse.

    Ideas, anyone?

    Thanks so much~

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    it sounds like you may need to catch up on your sleep with him. is there a way that you can nap with him and then have a family member or friend come in to help you a couple days a week so that you can get stuff done around the house or just some 'me time'?