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  • Nightweaning suggestions

    I've been thinking about nightweaning my dd. My dd is no longer nursing during the day (by keeping her very busy and redirecting her when she wanted to nuse, it almost appears as if she's forgotten that she use to nurse during the day). She only nurses when she goes down for her naps, at bedtime, and anytime when she wakes up during the night. It's not that I mind getting up to tend to her. It's a matter that i'm the ONLY one who can tend to her. There are nights when my husband is awake and would be willing to tend to her, however she will not have it. I"ve tried telling her there are other ways she can go to sleep without NumNums. I've allowed her the opportunity of choosing story books, toys, songs, snuggling, rocking. She thinks they all sound great until she realizes that she's not going to get numnum's. I've tried a couple of meathods from the no cry sleep solution. But i'm begining to think that many of them won't work for her. For example, I tried counting the seconds between suckling. If she has 10 sec breaks between suckling and i remove the breast and she stays there asleep. the next night i'll wait until she's a 9, and the next night 8, etc. until i find the one that wakes her up and work on it. The problem is that my dd doesn't simply root looking for it. She breaks out in a full out temper tantrum of kicking and screaming until she feels my breast against her. As you can imagine this makes putting her to sleep even longer and is stressful for all involved. My goal is to make it as calm and enjoyable transition for everyone (similar to the day weaning). I was hoping that other mom's would be able to tell me some of their meathods or there experience on gradually reducing nightfeedings. any suggestions would be greatly apprieciated.

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    this may not work for you, but i told ds that we would nurse when the sun came up. he cried a bit, but it wasn't long or a full-on tantrum. i'd offer him water and rub his back and then when the sun came up, we'd nurse.