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Snoring 13 mth old

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  • Snoring 13 mth old

    Hi all. Like many parents on these forums, my LO is still a very frequent night waker at 13 mths. I am still nursing to sleep some nights, others he finishes nursing and falls asleep with my singing/humming in bed beside him. However, no matter how he falls asleep, he always wakes up withing about 2-3 hrs, and then usually at least 4-5 times a night. When he wakes up, he always does so crying, and is visibly still tired (rubbing eyes, ears, wanting to lay down etc) He usually nurses back to sleep late in the night, but is sometimes very restless and will not nurse or be rocked back to sleep (we co-sleep). What I've been noticing for the last few mths is that he is a very loud breather, almost like a snorer, especially when he is just falling asleep or when he is just about to wake up. He also sometimes makes a honking noise when he is breathing when he is in a deep sleep. I am beginning to wonder if this is normal, and if this could be a contributing factor to his night waking. Has anyone else experienced snoring in a child this young? I am planning to discuss it with my Dr., but am fairly sure that she will dismiss the night waking as related to my nursing him to sleep. Any info/experience would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I'm inclined to think that the night waking is normal and age appropriate - my kids were still waking about that often at that age. Maybe not every night, but some nights maybe even more. But I do think that snoring is something that I would bring up with the doctor. Hopefully the conversation won't take a turn towards sleep training, but if it does, I'm sure you can ignore it ;-) Good luck!


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      definitely talk to your doc about snoring. s/he may refer you to an ENT. i've been researching enlarged tonsils and adenoids myself the past couple weeks b/c of issues w/my youngest and have found that dairy is an offender. dairy can also cause night wakings. you might look at dietary adjustments.