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  • 6 week old

    I have been wondering if we should start a bedtime routine with our 6 week old. So far I keep her with me and she mostly sleeps especially if in moby wrap. My husband and I go to bed around 10 and bring her with us. We have been co sleeping but do have a bassinet next to the bed. I have tried a couple of times to put her to "bed" in her bassinet when our four year old daughter goes down around 7pm. Our older one goes down in her bed and then comes in ours at some point in the night. When I have tried to put the baby down around 7, she will go to sleep but then she wakes every 15 to 30 minutes. The couple of times we tried this we end up bringing her downstairs down with us.
    Any suggestions?

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    it sounds like you've figured this out already. she's wanting to go to sleep with you. as to whether/when to start a routine, the answer will depend on your child. some children really respond to routines, some do not. continue to listen to your child's cues. she'll tell you what she needs.


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      I am not sure what you mean by we have things figured out. I do not feel like I do? I thought all babies liked a "routine"
      Something we have been running into is our baby gets so fussy from about 6 or 7 at night sometimes lasting several hours. She may be gassy or "overtired". She sleeps a lot during the day so how she could be overtired I do not know.
      She has some serious baby acne on her face, head, neck, shoulders and back and maybe some cradle cap. She seems itchy. A Dr. recommended coconut oil. I have been applying it since Friday and it looks better. The Dr. also recommended that I get off dairy. I have not had any since Thursday. My question is why would a baby just be fussy at a certain time during the day due to a sensitivity and not all the time? My friends daughter was fussy same time at night and she had a dairy intolerance.
      Any thoughts?
      Thank You.


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        What I meant is that it sounds like taking her to bed with you is what you have figured out that she wants. You understand that she wants to be with you rather than alone. Your response to her indicates that you are following your intuition which is what mommas should do.
        Dairy is, indeed, a great offender in upsetting babies. I don't know that I have the expertise to advise as to why it is only upsetting at night. I've had it explained that this is the time of day when the digestive tract changes, slows down to prepare for sleep, and so the dairy isn't processed as quickly and upsets the stomach. But PLEASE don't take this as scientific medical advice That's just the best I can understand it.
        You need to give it 6 weeks as this is how long it can take dairy to be completely eliminated from the body.


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          Speaking from my experience, and many other mums I know, many babies seem to have a fussy period at some point during the day, and it seems like evening seems to be that "witching hour" for most babies. My DS used to start at about 5 pm, and scream pretty much straight through until about 10 pm. This started at about 3 weeks and lasted until about 3 mths. However, even now at 13 mths, he is still very fussy and clingy from about 5-6 pm, whether he has had a good nap or not. I had one nurse tell me that babies just need to wind down at the end of a long day of learning and developing, just like everyone else, and their way of letting out their frustration is to cry and fuss. Made sense to me! My son also suffered from a dairy allergy, and it did take quite a while for his symptoms to go away after I cut out dairy. I know you're probably sick of hearing this, but hang in there, it really does get better.


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            6 week old

            since a 6 wk old is usually fed on demand, and his appetite varies, a routine might be more set by his eating schedule. 6 weeks is also the arrival pt of colic as they call, i.e. digestive discomfort. i know from my experience that with my dd only mama helped with that discomfort, being close and being rocked etc. try the bassinet in a few weeks. sounds like right now she just wants you, and that's her routine. xox