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    My lo has been sleeping in her own bed for a couple of months now. She really loves it and brags about her own room and bed. I'll admit that I was a little sad that she loved it soo much that she didn't want to sleep in mommy's bed anymore. Whenever she would wake up she would call for me and I would go in a nurse her back to sleep. Surprisingly after a few weeks she was sleeping through the night. We we're all getting great nights sleep and I was able to sprawl on my bed without a foot in my back from her attached crib.

    One night my lo crawled out of her bed and into mine. took me by surprise because I didn't even here her come in and I know i didn't nurse her back to sleep, my shirt was still done up. When she first started coming back into our bed it was about 5 in the morning. Slowly is started getting earlier in the night. Now I'm finding by about midnight she's back in our bed. I wouldn't be bothered by this except she won't even go back to sleep in her attached crib. She has to be plastered against me. She would prefer to have a breast in her mouth but if she can't have that (because we've been haivng latch issues that we're still working on, but getting better at that) i have to wrap my arms around her and keep her tight up against me with my blanket and comforter wrapped around us. I know she's not comfortable because we're both soaked in sweat by the morning, and I'm so stiff because she won't even let me move away so i'm laying in the same position for hours.

    There are some changes in her life. She's just turned two and I have started watching 2 children during the week. However I make sure to give her lots of attention during the day. Anytime she wants to snuggle she can. I also give her lots of snuggles and one to one time in the evenings. If someone wants to take her out for the evening. For example a grandparent, I will always say do you want to stay with mommy or go to the park with grandma? I let her make the decision to move from me.

    How would you guys deal with this using AP? Would you allow her to stay close to you all night? or Would you try and encourage her to her own bed by taking her back there nursing her to sleep and leaving again? I'm undecided on how I would like to deal with this and I have been recieving a lot of advice from non-AP parents and would like an AP parents oppinion. Thanks all

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    sorry i missed this. i can share our experience. i have found that w/both of mine (now 7 and 4) nighttime has been a bit fluid. they'll go for long stretches of sleeping on their own in their room and then one night decide to get back in bed w/me for another long stretch. we try to have an open-door policy. if they need us at night we're there, if not, there's no pressure to sleep on their own. there's good evidence that children who sleep w/their parents until age 5 are well-adjusted and emotionally healthy.
    i'm not sure what to say about the hot sleeping issue, but perhaps lighter clothing and bedding will help? maybe keeping the room temp down at night so snuggling is more desireable?