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  • need a little reassurance/advice...

    Our daughter is 9 mths old and co-sleeps with us. She starts the night in her crib after I rock and nurse her to sleep. She wakes about two hours later and my husband brings her into our bed and I nurse her back to sleep.

    After this she wakes about every hour to two hours and I nurse her back to sleep, this could take two minutes or thirty minutes. I do feel pretty sleep deprived, I just keep hanging in there hoping she will begin to sleep for longer periods of time.

    Can anyone speak to this and maybe give me some reassurance that she will start sleeping longer at some point! I just wish I could understand better why she wakes up every hour and can not stay asleep longer. I also wonder if it is hard for her to stay asleep next to me? I would think it would be the opposite. Our first daughter slept with me until she was 4 and it worked out wonderful, I just want our lo to have the same wonderful experience, but I can tell that she is tired during the day because she has not slept well.

    She naps the same way, I usually will go in and rock /nurse her back to sleep after an hour when she wakes up and then she will sleep another 30 to 40 mins. She is only getting about three to fours hours of sleep during the day.

    Thank you for any advice!

    Thank you!

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    I wish I had some great advice to give you, but alas, I still experience the same problems with my 13 mth old! I just wanted to give you some reassurance that this seems to be pretty normal sleeping behaviour for a baby of her age. I too co-sleep/nurse back to sleep and have wondered MANY times if this is the right thing to do. I have tried leaving my DS to sleep alone after nursing/comforting him back to sleep, and have found that he still wakes up as often (if not more often) as he does when I am with him. Having to stay awake while getting him back to sleep made me even more exhausted than when I just stay with him and fall back to sleep as he nurses. On a brighter note, my son has started sleeping for longer stretches at night, although I don't know exactly how long since there is no clock in his room, but his night wakings have started to decrease slowly over the last few mths. I know you've probably heard it many times before, but try to hang in there, the sleep will happen eventually, and when it does, you'll be able to enjoy those long uninterrupted sleeps without any guilt (at least this is what I tell myself!)

    Also, 3-4 hours of sleep during the day seems like quite a bit to me!! My DS has ever only slept a maximum of 1-2 hours a day.
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      Thank you for the response! I know things will get better with the sleep, it helps to hear from other mommas! Thank you again.


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        All I can offer is reassurance andx support, as well as empathy. My daughter co-sleeps etc etc and was waking every two-three hrs, with only 3 hr sleep at beginning of the night (sometimes, luxury of all luxury she wld sleep 4 hrs) up until recently and she is 19 1/2 mnths. I made a very hard decision to night wean at 18 in abit mnths. Just cldn't do it anymore and it was really effecting me. She now sleeps about 6-7-8 hrs in a row. I usually feed about 1-2 times a night now, usually only for 5-10 mins and no long sessions and falling asleep at the boob. She falls back to sleep when I put her down. We kind of came to an unsaid agreement of booby after 6 hrs. So... she sometimes sleeps more which is amazing but night weaning had some very very tough moments. But she is fine and it is a relief. But, this is not recommended for everyone and also not recommended until much older.

        I know it is sooo hard and sometimes you feel like you are going nuts.

        Things that helped me:

        sleeping as much as poss during the day

        going to sleep as soon or soon after she sleeps

        spending time with friends


        watching a movie I love

        get time away if poss for YOU - I had v little of this, but more lately and really helps: coffee shops, baths, reading, talking on the phone to good friends. day dreaming... you name it

        Hope this helpsXXX and good Luck


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          thank you!

          thank you so much for the post, it really does help to hear from other mommas going through the same thing.

          i know my dd is to little to understand no nummies at night, so i am waiting for awhile before i try night weaning, however i do think she will sleep longer once i can do this.

          it does help to have some "breaks" during the day, my mom helps with this and it is such a blessing. my lo is so active that i think she would rather be on the go exploring than sleeping! during the day she really does not even want to be held, she just wants to be on the ground going constantly! i am trying desperately to get my house baby proofed so she has more space to be free!

          take care,


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            Dear Reggie 22, I am wondering if you have any tips on how you night weaned successfully. I would like to begin night weaning my son, although I am willing to have it take as long as necessary to avoid a lot of tears, and would love to have some advice from someone who's BTDT. Thanks!