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Nap time mess-HELP!

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  • Nap time mess-HELP!

    I really need some help or support or suggestions! Anything! Here's my situation:

    I work part-time doing in home therapy with a family. I have been there for 4 years. The mother has 4 children age 9 and a 15 year old. The therapy is much less intense now then it was and now we mostly watch them, help with social skills, and help with school type work. When I got pregnant, she offered to babysit my DS while I worked. She also allows me to nurse him there instead of having to worry about a bottle. It is great because my son comes to work with me, I get to nurse him, I don't have to be away from him, etc. The only problem I have with her is she is a little old school. She is from the babies manipulate so let them cry it out school. My DS is 3 1/2 months and she has been pressuring me to have him on a nap schedule (which we are working out a routine now that he is older) and she pressures me a lot to let him cry. She expects him to lay down and go to sleep on his own for naps. I am very against crying it out and I think it is kind of ridiculous to expect my baby to be able to just go to sleep on his own at this age. If I could quit, I would. I plan on being a SAHM but I won't be able to quit for many more months. I have to work and I can't afford child care anywhere else. I really am blessed to be able to take my baby with me and I love the family I work for. This is the only issue we have and I just don't know what to do. I have expressed several times that I won't let him cry it out and she has hinted a few times that she doesn't have time to be at his beck and call when it comes to sleep. Any help would be so appreciated!

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    I don't really know how much help I can offer but I sure feel for you. What a stressful position to be in. I was wondering if you could work with the baby in a sling or a soft carrier when it's nap time at least until he's asleep and you could put him down? can she wear him to sleep and then put him down?

    I really wish you all the best and that you can find a solution with which you'll be comfortable and not have to be subjected to the whims of a woman who doesn't share your parenting style.


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      I was also going to suggest a sling or carrier. What about a Moby Wrap?


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        I second the sling idea, it can be so helpful with a little one's naps, also practice if you want more kids. I'm also wondering what type of therapy are you providing? Maybe you could pull the expert card a little, after all she is hiring you to assist with her kids. Maybe you could explain that the research shows CIO to be detrimental and you are not comfortable with the CIO method, and that you are troubled by her insistence that you do things her way. It's difficult since she obviously used CIO, but in the end she is asking for your assistance with her kids needs and obviously trusts that you understand child development better than she does.