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Sleep issues all around - HELP PLEASE!

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  • Sleep issues all around - HELP PLEASE!

    My 24-mo-old daughter has recently started fighting sleep at naptime and bedtime. What used to take 20 mins to get her to sleep now takes 1 1/2 to 3 hours, both times! Our routine is reading a couple of books, rocking and nursing, and sleep has always followed. Now while rocking and nursing, she almost falls asleep but keeps moving her arms/legs to keep herself awake and revs herself up fully again. I'm 7 mos pregnant and it's extremely painful to nurse for the length of time she wants to (hours). If I try to rub her back, hold her hand, rock w/o nursing, offer her water instead, or carry her, she screams and cries, arches her back, climbs down, etc. When she finally does go to sleep, she wakes up crying at various intervals wanting to nurse. I'm having a lot of trouble going to sleep myself and once I'm awakened in the middle of the night, I cannot go back to sleep to save my life and am totally wiped out during the day. My patience is gone and this is not the kind of person I want to be! I tried night weaning for a few nights and neither of us got ANY sleep at all - it was just awful and I couldn't do it anymore. My husband is in town 2 days/nights per week and dd will not accept him putting her to bed at all, in any way when he is in town, so I'm alone in putting her to sleep 24/7. I'm dreading what life will be like in a couple of months when the new baby arrives... Please help!! I'm desperate!!


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    I was right there with you this time last year. Nursing was painful at that stage in my pregnancy and we were both reduced to tears on a number of occasions (me due to pain and her due to my unlatching her). I can't give specific advice as my daughter magically stopped nursing to sleep one night. She nursed, fell asleep, and the next night was fine with cuddling.
    Are you considering tandem nursing? I allowed my daughter to nurse whenever she wanted even after she was done nursing to sleep and it helped with the intiial adjustment. She weaned on her own accord at 32 months, 1 month after her sister was born.
    I hope you get some good advice (sorry I was no help!) and find some sleep.