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13 mo's 2am "playdates" driving mom to the brink...

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  • 13 mo's 2am "playdates" driving mom to the brink...

    He's been doing this for many weeks now. Goes to bed at 8:00/8:30 no problem - we have a very nice bedtime routine. He wakes anywhere between midnight and 4am and is just awake for 2-3 hours. Nothing puts him back to sleep. I let him play in his bed (side-car style right up against mine) for as long as he doesn't make too much noise (4yo on the other side of me mostly sleeps through all of this - wish I could!). I put a bandana in his bed for a toy - not too interesting, but it does occupy him for a while. Then he cries and I try giving him a bit of milk and rocking. It used to work, but now after 30 minutes or so of trying to rock him to sleep I'm pretty frustrated and take him to his brother's abandoned bed and I lay there ignoring him. He crawls around, climbs down, looks around, climbs back up, pulls my hair, he has laid down and put himself back to sleep there a couple of times (so I know he is capable!), but mostly he ends up crying again, so back to the rocking chair we go. Then back to brother's bed, rocking chair, bed, chair, bed.... until I get really angry and just want to put him down and go out to the car to finish sleeping. Obviously, he eventually falls asleep and we go back to bed. 5ish most times.
    We generally rise at 6/6:30, he is happy and bubbly and naps for 72 minutes (that's how long the white noise cd is) around 10ish. Happy and bubbly and sometimes will even take another 72 minute afternoon nap, but not very often.
    I keep my closet light on for my 4yo (scared of the dark), but I wonder if dark would help the baby - that's what I'm planning on trying tonight. The Big Boy woke up with us last night, which is really bad since it just prolongs the whole event as they are great night-time playmates.
    The baby is teething - he has 8 in already and 8 on the move. Poor little guy! He doesn't act like he's hurting though, so it may or may not be teeth keeping him awake.
    Any ideas? Sympathy? Sleep dust?