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    I never put to much thought into what others would say about how my daughter would never leave my bed since we co-sleep, but I think it still would creep in every once in a while. Especially once I found I was pregnant I started to wonder how will we do this, Our daughter is now 21mo. we had already started the transition well our daughter had started it after her first birthday. And then this past week it happened she didn't come into our room until the sunlight woke her up. She is fully transitioned to her own bed. I am feeling so confident in our parenting style especially seeing how it works. She was ready, it took a few nights for me to sleep since I am so used to the middle of the night wake-ups but it's unbelievable. No upset, No tears, just a happy well rested child and parents.

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    Congratulations!! It's such a great feeling to have that confidence in your parenting style. Enjoy your sleep!


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      How wonderful!!! I am just wondering how you made this transition? I am currently trying to "wean" my 17 mth old DS from co-sleeping with me all night, and am looking for suggestions on how to gently and effectively do this. Thanks!!!


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        A little after my daughters first birthday we went out and bought a King size bed to make it easier on us since she was getting so big. We also decided to repaint our room and freshen it up so we all moved to the guest room with our old bed for a few nights. When it was time to go back to our room she didn't want to go to the new bed, she would go to the guest room for our nighttime routine. Then when she would wake up I would bring her to our room. She would stay for 1.5 and then it would go to 3 hours at night. Then as she has gotten bigger it has been longer and longer. And after a week of us all being on vacation and in the same bed all night long, we came home and she didn't come into our room until the sun came up. I thought it was a freak thing but then it kept happening. I didn't really do anything I just followed her lead and kept introducing new things to her room. We officially took down her nursery and turned her crib into a full size bed in the guest room and switched the rooms around so now she has the guest room with all her things in it. It was so neat to watch her make the transition with really no hard prompting from us.