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there was four in the bed and the little one said roll over...

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  • there was four in the bed and the little one said roll over...

    I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant. Yay we are so happy. At present my 2 yr old starts out sleeping in her own bed and sometime during the night when she wakes up and wants a little extra snuggling she comes into our room. Dh and I have a queen size bed and dd has her crib somewhat attatched to our bed. Since she's older I've just used blankets to fill the hole that exhists between her crib and our bed. It works well for us right now. However we are planning on co-sleeping with the new baby when it arrives. I'm trying to figure out how to work dd into the equasion. She is a bed hog. For the last couple of nights i've tried putting her between me and dh and she wiggles and squirms and shoves her feet in the small of our backs to try and make more room for herself. But I know it's not safe for a newborn to sleep between mom and dad. So that got me thinking. How do other families work sleeping arrangements with other children and a newborn??

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    We are in the same boat, an almost 2 year old and due in March, I was really stressed out about this so I started encouraging my daughter to stay in her bed until the sun came up. She moved to her own room for at least 3 hours a night at a year old on her request. So now she stays in her bed until 5am and then I try and get up with her and lay in her bed with her until she falls back asleep, that way I hope she won't feel displaced when the new baby comes. We are also planning on using our ********* again so I can feel I will have a safe place to put the infant if my daughter decides she needs to be in our bed. We aren't perfect yet we had a 3am wake up call this morning and she wanted to be in our bed. What if you moved your daughters crib to your husbands side of the bed? Would she be okay with that?


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      When I knew i was pregnant we started a rule. Our daughter was only allowed in our bed past 5am. It took a good few weeks of tears and sleepless nights but we got there in the end. She sleeps fine by herself most nights now and we got her a new fancy bed to co-incide with DS arriving. When baby arrived it was well past us setting the rule so she wouldn't feel displaced. Now he is 9 months I don't mind so much if she comes in with us. He's not so teeny and she rarely does it. If we had had the space in our room I would have put a mattess on the floor for her. But that wouldn't have worked for us long term becuase of lack of space.
      I hope that helps. If you have the space.. yup.. putting her on your husbands side migh be a solution.