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    Hi! I am new to this website. We have a sweet 18 month old girl. The first six months we tried the ********* bassinet and after she woke up every 3 hours screaming for 6 months we gave up and put her in the bed. She now usually sleeps 10 hours a night so I don't want to mess around w/ that! We got a rail and she sleeps btwn the rail and me. We are expecting another baby in February and I am clueless about what to do! I don't think I can get my daughter out of the bed and I wouldn't want to make her feel displaced by another baby. I was thinking of maybe putting the ********* on the other side of the bed for the baby, or moving the brand new unused crib (haha!)-- that we've had for 18 months --into our room for the new baby for safety. I always see that it's not good to have 2 babies in the bed. My other concerns are if the new baby goes into a co sleeper or crib will he/she eventually want to go in the bed too? And more importantly I am concerned about my daughter being able to get a good night sleep w/ a newborn screaming in our room every few hours. But she is very sensitive and I just can't move her out of our room, she will scream nonstop and my husband and I will feel horrible. The other option I thought of was for me to sleep in another room w/ the newborn but I don't know if that's so good for a marriage to have us sleeping in different rooms for months. I figured I would come here and maybe someone would know what to do. Thanks so much for listening!! Karen

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    PS Why does it bleep out? I hope everyone understands what I was talking about -- not a curse word but the arms reach!


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      the reason it's "bleeped" is b/c that particular word is copyrighted by the company. we're not allowed to print it.

      as for what to do when new baby comes, many families choose a variety of solutions. be confident that you will find the one that works for your family the best. when our 2nd was born, we had a queen and a full mattress on the floor, side-by-side. dh and i slept in the middle. the baby slept on the other side of me and our oldest slept on the other side of him. but i can tell you we've had at least 25 different sleeping arrangements since we've had kids. and yes, some of them have involved dh and i sleeping seprately, so i'm not sure what you mean about that not being good for marriage. IMO, sleep is good for marriage, everyone should go where they can get the most


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        Thanks for your advice! I am most worried about the baby waking up my daughter every few hours. Otherwise it would be no big deal, I'd have everyone in our room! Maybe she would sleep thru it? Did your older one sleep through the baby crying?


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          i was worried about that, too, but he did sleep right through. of course, i tended to baby quickly and if there were long boughts of crying, i'd end up leaving the room and pacing the floor in another part of the house.


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            When my 2nd arrived, he slept between the rail and me and our first slept between mom n dad since he pretty much always did that. When the 3rd arrived, it got complicated, but usually it is our oldest on a toddler crib bumped up against the bed, then baby and me then dh then our middle child since he is more of a daddy's boy and I don't want baby next to a kid. Other nights, dh takes #2 upstairs to the guest bed. You'll juggle things around until it works. Kids have a way if thwarting plans so just be open to "whatever works!" )


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              Advice on tandem nursing/co-sleeping


              I'm new to this forum and have a 21-month-old nursing co-sleeping son, and am expecting another son any day now (due October 2nd). I hope to tandem nurse and co-sleep with them both, but am wondering at the logistics of it.

              PaxMamma, I'm relieved that your older child wasn't disturbed by the newborn's crying... that's been one of our primary concerns, because our toddler is a notoriously light sleeper. I'm hoping the wonder and novelty of having milk in the breasts again will be able to lull him back to sleep even if he does wake up...

              We've been wondering how to physically set the kids up in the bed. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the newborn and toddler on different sides of my body? (Hubby already sleeps on a separate bed in the same room.) The toddler likes to crawl around and switch sides in the night sometimes. And I probably want them to switch boobs through the night just for evenness' sake, anyway, right?

              PaxMamma, things have been getting pretty tight on my full-sized mattress on the floor with just my big pregnant body and the toddler. We've been considering whether to put a twin-sized mattress alongside, or buy a king-sized mattress to replace the full-sized one I'm currently on. From your experience, was the gap between two adjoining mattresses an entrapment hazard for your newborn? How much space would you say you would have needed for you and the two kids if your husband weren't in the bed with you?

              Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any tips and tricks about how they managed the logistics (noise, physical arrangement) of co-sleeping with a toddler and a newborn!


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                our queen and full were side-by-side, but we slept longways on it so that the crack of the bed ran along the knees or shins, depending on how short/tall you are. that way, no one rolled into the crack. honestly, i couldn't judge how much space it would have required because it was 5 years ago. once your kids get older, it's hard to remember them ever being that tiny. but i would think that if all four of us could sleep in that arrangement, then it would definitely fit you and your 2 LOs.


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                  Thanks, that's a great idea to turn the beds sideways! We'll try that before we invest big bucks in a king-sized mattress.