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    I have an amazing 10 week old and the three of us go to bed (ned sharing) around 11 ish. Lately she is squirmy and a little fussy around 9, but not every night. I don't feel the need to enforce a strict bedtime, but want to respond to her cues. All babies are different, but how does your baby tell you she / he is ready to sleep? I am hope others' observations will help me understand my little one more.

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    At that age, my daughter would always just fall asleep while nursing. I really didn't worry at all about a certain bedtime. It sounds like your little family has a good thing going


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      My little guy yawns and rubs his eyes when he's tired.
      When he's over-tired, he's super active and gets a little wired. That's when I know I missed the cues.
      Typically, he goes to sleep for the night between 7:30pm at the earliest and 9pm at the latest. It depends on when he had his last nap.
      Yeah, mine also falls asleep at the boob. It's so cute!
      Take care,