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8 month old will not stay asleep

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  • 8 month old will not stay asleep

    Max has never slept more than 2 hours at a stretch during the night and while he is teething or otherwise uncomfortable, even less. I usually nurse him to sleep (nap time, I put him in the stroller to go to sleep) but any tiny movement can wake him out of the deepest sleep.
    The last 3 nights, he has not slept more than 45 minutes to 1 hour at a time and I am at my wits end. He will only go back to sleep if I nurse him.
    Any suggestions?

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    when my son was really young he slept in bed with us and i nursed him in bed so we could both just stay where we were and sleep. he was in a crib in the room with us until he was a year old. while nursing him in the bed worked great i am certain that we were waking him up when he was in the crib in our room. once we got a house and he had his own room he started sleeping much longer stretches and then through the night. i would try putting him in bed with you, then if that doesnt work i would try putting him in another room. also make sure you wait a minute before you go in because sometimes they make fussy noises in their sleep and they arent actually up and will quiet down in a minute.
    good luck.


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      I understand your problem. We are going through the same thing here! I nurse my son to sleep as well, and we are a co-sleeping family. I have a rule that when my son wakes up for the third time at night (which is usually around 10pm,) I will get into bed with him for the night. Since I have started doing this, he has slept through the remainder of the night once I get into bed with him. I have gotten more sleep than I have since he was born and so does he!! Hope this helps you!


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        I know exactly how you feel. I've always coslept and nursed my 2 year old, and she never made it to that magical time where she sleeps for 12 hours straight, like I hear everyone else talking about! Now that she's older I really need that time to myself at night, and I also wake up in the morning feeling like I've barely slept because of all the waking. I just went back to work part-time and did the overnight shift last night (10pm to 6am), and my husband says she woke maybe once and just needed a little snuggle and went right back to bed! I'm thinking she might need her own space because my moving around is probably interrupting her deep sleep. I also definitely need to not run in the second she makes a sound! I think I'm waking her up to nurse her when she would have fallen right back to sleep on her own.


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          I am having the same problem. For the past 3 weeks my 6 month old has slept a maximum of 2 hour stretches. We co-sleep or have her sleep in her crib right next to us. I usually nurse, rock or lay next to her to get her to sleep. She has no issues falling asleep. When she was 4 months old she slept 4-5 hours straight and then at 5 months old it went down to 3 and now at 6 months its down to 2.

          I am going crazy and so is my husband. We get into horrible fights with each other because we are so incredibly exhausted. My husband has had to sleep on the couch so that he can get rest for work some nights. I am a stay at home mom otherwise I wouldve had to quit my job at this point because of sleep exhaustion.

          My parents are insisting that I need to start feeding her "real food" and that will magically make her sleep again. But I really want to do baby-led-weaning and they think I am insane and are very unhelpful and unsupportive.

          My daughter takes roughly 3 naps during the day ranging from 2 hours to 30 minutes. She seems to be fine during the day and isn't cranky or tired, unlike her mother...

          What can I do to make her sleep again!?!?!


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            Good answer. I have nothing much more to add. Just know you are not alone!! I've been there too! Co sleeping definitely helps you get more sleep or at least be less grouchy about being woke up constantly!!


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              similar problem, how is it going now?


              it has been a few months I think since your thread was created, how is sleep going now, and what did you do to aid the situation?

              Desperate for sleep here! Haven't had more then 45 min straight sleep for weeks.