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2 1/2 year old with sleep troubles

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  • 2 1/2 year old with sleep troubles

    My dd is 2 1/2 yrs old right now, and I just have some questions about normal/safe sleep habits with a 2 1/2 yr old. She does have her own bed and I try to encourage her to start sleeping there because dh and I are not ready to go to bed. However, she has been told that if she wakes up and needs to snuggle she is welcomed in our bed anytime. There are nights that she sleeps all night in her bed and nights that she comes into our room at 5:00am. I've always been ok with this and dh is ok with this. We have been having some big changes in our house over the last four months. I've become pregnant and i suffer from sever hyperemesis gravidarum. I have home care and have a picc line to run fluid and medicine through. I make great effort to still engage with her all day long (playing and reading with her) and I snuggle her frequently to let her know i still love her and want to be around her. I have been on IV for over a month and I have no idea how long i'll be sick (well i know it will end once i deliver as that's when i felt relief with dd). Another big change is my MIL is now living with us. She and her husband are going through some marital problems and she's moved in with us to help us out until things are resolved. She's been with us for over a month. When all of these new changes occured I expected to see some behavioural changes from my dd. However, she handled everything in stride. But as of late I've noticed some new behaviours and I can't decide if they're just "delayed" adjustments troubles. I also want to say I have trusted family members who come over and take her for walks, or to the park to help her burn energy. Unfortunatly I do use tv more than normal because i'm here sometimes during the day (dependant on my dh shift) she get's more tv than I would prefer. I do try to ensure that the television she is watching is educational. But every now and then I do let her watch shows that promote using your imagination.

    As of late she always asks to go to sleep in our room. I generally don't allow this because her monitor is in her room, her music (i use this for white noise) is in her room. However I still lay with her and attempt to snuggle her as much as she'll let me to help her settle into bed. Sometimes she's now in my bed by 11pm and during the night she spends a great deal of tossing and turning. One second wanting to be close right up against me and bumping her head roughly against mine in an attempt to get comfortable. The next second she's in her bed banging her feet on the mattress and tossing and turning. Last night she was up for 2 1/2 hours before I got her settled down enough to sleep. When questioned why she's not a sleep she'll say "i can't get comfortable" or "I'm having trouble sleeping". The nights she has slept in her room until 5am she'll sometimes come running and crying into my room, but she can't verbalized why she's crying. There are also some behaviours going on during the day such as being defiant, throwing temper tantrums, and than running into my arm to be snuggled. I'm not sure if these are normal developmental behaviours for her age backet of if these behaviours are specific to her. I was hoping to get feedback from other mom's with similar beliefs as me. I was also hoping for some suggestions on how I could possibly be more supportive for dd and if there is any literature you may have that may be helpful for me to read. thanks for your help.

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    2 1/2 year old with sleeping problems

    We have had some similar issues with my 2 1/2 year old. I am currently pregnant, very close to delivering. We co-slept with my d and have always allowed her to come in to snuggle. She responded similarly to the change. I have been sleeping on the couch due to pregnancy symptoms and she went through a phase of wanting to sleep on the couch with me and then a phase where she wanted to sleep in our room. She sometimes didn't need us in our room. She had trouble articulating why she didn't want to sleep in her room (which she will be sharing with baby) What worked for us was rearranging the room, giving her a job with the baby when the baby comes and changing her bedtime routine. She has always listened to music (since she was tiny), she said her music was scaring no more music, since she doesn't want the music on. We proposed that she read in bed with her lamp on after we snuggle and read to her. She sits up in bed and reads and then calls us when she is ready for the lamp off. Generally, most nights this works, however, sometimes we have to take some time to talk about sleeping in her bed. We also give heads up that bedtime is coming. Good luck.


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      Not alone

      You really are not alone. Granted you have a lot more going on right now than we do, but our 2 1/2 year olds are doing similar things.

      Mine still sleeps in our room, but when she gets up from her nap she is usually alone in our room and has fairly recently started crying out for me and crying all the way out of the room. Also sometime in the night she sometimes will roll over onto my bed from her bed like that one foot is just too far away. There are a lot of other things, too, that she is doing to show that she's needing extra Mommy time right now.

      While I am sure that all of your changes are a contributing factor, I am getting the feeling that the age is also a big part of it.

      I don't know if that helps, but I did want you to know that you are not completely alone.

      All my best to you and the rest of your mommyhood journey!


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        Another thing that could help could be nutrition. When my eldest, now 14 was having sleep problems and night terrors, I discovered that magnesium deficiency could be causing it. I tried supplementing with magnesium and the change was almost instant. This has also been helpful with my other 4 children. A good source of magnesium (and other nutrients) is green barley powder. I mix it up with some water so they can drink it, or use a syringe for the little ones. My toddlers have always loved it. It helps me too and I sprinkle it on my food. I've also seen recently that you can get a magnesium solution which is absorbed through the skin. It's called magnesium oil, although it's not an oil.
        I was just checking some info on line and noticed that women with hyperemesis are usually low in magnesium, so Mg supplementation could help you and the baby too. This link was particularly interesting
        I hope that things settle for you soon and that all goes well with the birth of your baby.