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  • Sleep!


    My baby needs help to sleep better, and I desperately need help too!
    He's 6 months old, and I love co-sleeping with him. He doesn't have allergies and rarely needs to feed at night. But he wakes up every two hours, sometimes every hour!

    I've tried using a pacifier to sooth him... doesn't work.
    I've tried patting him and shooshing... doesn't work.
    I've tried getting dad to sooth him to sleep... doesn't work.

    The only thing that works is breastfeeding him (not to feed, but as a giant pacifier) or getting out of bed to rock him back to sleep.

    I'm a zombie and dangerously close to using the Ferber method. Agggh! I don't mean it. I refuse to let him cry it out.

    By the way, he's a pretty active boy for his age. At 6 months old, he can sit up and stand up by himself, crawls like crazy, loves his jumparoo. His two bottom teeth have come out already, so I know it's not teething.
    Also, he's very good at naps. Takes 2 or 3 a day, about an hour each.
    Plus we added food, which he loves, so I know he's not hungry either...

    Any advice? Thank you so much!
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    Sounds pretty normal. Sorry. It does get better


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      Well, I'm a little sad that I only got one line of encouragement. It's been really tough dealing with my sweetie's nighttime issues.

      Still, I have some good news that I thought I could share. He still wakes up every 2 hours. But I followed Dr. Jay Gordon's advice ( and my baby at least now falls asleep without nibbling his way back to sleep and using me as a pacifier. He drinks a little, I gently pop him off and he falls asleep on his own. My next step is to rock him back to sleep and lastly I will try shushing him to sleep. I'll only give him the boob at 3am and/or if he cries.

      Hope that other mothers in the same position takes heart. There are rough patches, but I'm committed to doing this without tears.


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        My daughter is 15 months, and I have the same problem. I feel like I have tried everything! When she was like 5 months old, and before I discovered Attachment Parenting, I tried letting her cry it out, but after like 3 times, I couldn't do it anymore. I just have to keep remembering that she is only little for a short time, and that because I practice AP, she'll be much better off in the long run. Still, I insist to my husband that I'll be up nursing & rocking her when she's in junior high. Some nights she'll wake up every 1-1/2-2 hours, and other nights she'll wake up once or twice. She can NOT put herself to sleep. You're not alone, and just remember it'll only last for a short time. I find it helpful to not look at the clock, or count the hours of sleep. I just pray to feel rested enough in the morning. I know this doesn't help solve your problem, but it may help emotionally.


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          Hi, sorry its nopt been easy, but glad its getting better. Just one note of caution, and I'm not trying to be negagtive, just realistic, try not to asume that as its going well now it always will. If he gets a cold, or you go on holiday, or he has a growth spurt, sometimes aswell with a developmental stage, he may well go backwards and you'll wonder where you went wrong, but you've done it once, you may well have to do it again.
          I think you're being a bit presumtious with your list of things its not, he's eating solids so he cant be hungry, actually your milk has far more calories than anything else he may eat, so he may fill up on solids during the day, but at night he needs to catch up on his calories, you may well find he wakes less if you cut his solids and up his milk.
          As for teething, in my experience babies teeth constantly from a few months till they finally all come through, its not just the teeth coming through that troubles them but the teeth growing in the first place. Rhianna finally slept well once the last of her molars popped through.
          I think one of the worst things a bfing mum cando is think of herself as a human dummy/pacifyer, you are so much more than that, milk is often just an added extra, but you are still the most important person or thing in his world, he doesn't think of you as just a pacifyer!
          My suggestions for more sleep, go to bed earlier. It seems wrong at first to go to bed earlier, and loads of mums say they need to stay up for quality adult time with thier oh, but theres plenty of time for that, at the moment sleep is the most important thing. Do you feel you have to keep you lo quiet for your oh who works hard all day? A very common thing, if so, maybe he should sleep in another room for a couple of nights. I know aterrible suggestion, plenty of people would think its shocking to put your baby before you husband/partner, but you you all need to sleep, a couple of nights apart aren't going to destroy your relationship.
          One more suggestion, hopefuly things willl just get better and better for you, but if you have a spell of him needing to fall asleep being fed, find a way to sleep yourself whilst feeding him. Scarlett is 9 months now, and about 2 months ago developed allegies so now sleeps terribly. I sit up with 2 pillows behind my back and head, make myself comfy and go back to sleep with her latched on before I've even woken up. Once she's almost asleep she lets go, drops away slightly and either rolls away to her own bit, or I half wake a bit later and put her back. She does have the odd good night and sleeps for 8 hours, often then to be patted briefly before sleeping again for another few hours, so she's not learned she needs to be fed to sleep every time, just when she needs it.
          Sorry, one last thing, remember it wont last forever! It might seem like you've had him forever, but 6 months is still a very short time, he might be huge now compared to how he was, but he's still a tiny baby. It wont be that long till you're fighting him to get him out of bed for school!
          Really hope things get better, but huge hugs for the nights it seems like it never will.


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            Thank you Evandervaart for your message! I'm really happy for you that you're using AP and I agree that it will be best in the long run. In fact, it's great in the short term too. I know our babies can't express it, but I'm sure they are saying thank-you Mommy!

            Perhaps you may want to check out Dr. Jay Gordon's website. He might have some ideas to teach your little one to fall asleep on her own. Another doctor I highly respect is Dr. Sears:

            Thanks again for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. I wish you all the best too! And big hugs for those tough nights.


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              Thank you Rhismummy! You have a lot of good advice!!

              Yes, I have to remind myself that he's just a little baby and just like everyone he has good nights and bad nights. And I'll try giving him more opportunities to breastfeed and perhaps that might help. Sure can't do wrong!

              My husband already sleeps in the guest bedroom, so he's doing OK for sleep which is a good thing. He's my morning person and I sometimes get an hour of extra sleep. He's been so supportive too at night and I consider myself really lucky. Our little baby is our priority for now, and like you said, we'll have plenty of time for adults later.

              I really appreciate your ideas, especially that I shouldn't consider my self as a pacifier. You're so right too about how short a time this will last! He's still my little guy and I want to enjoy this time as much as possible.

              I hope your little baby's allergies improve. Dear little girl must hate it! You seem to be doing all the right things to help her. Good luck and big hugs to you!