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  • What to do in the morning..

    Hi, my son co-slept till about 4 months old when he happily went into his bedside cot. At 6 months he happilly moved into a cot bed in his sisters room. And until last week at 9 months he slept through. He's started waking twice a night for feeds (BF) and is very restless and I put this down to a cold and growth spurt. So last night I said "That's it. If he wakes up he's back in with us". And he did. And he came in with us from 2am and slept through till 7.30am and we all got lay ins!!!! Heaven! Even I didn't wake at my usual 5.30am mental alarm call.

    BUT .. during the week becuase of school runs I have to get up at 5.30am. And he often stays asleep till 7.30-8am. I can't leave him on the bed alone as he's a very fast crawler. He's also a light sleeper so lifting him back into his cot isn't an option. I need 6-8am for my own sanity so don't want to wake him. What do I do?

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    Who is there in the house when you do the school runs? Can they lay next to him or stay near him to watch over him? Can you swap out a few runs with other mums and take each others children?

    How about putting your mattress on the floor?




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      Yah we have our mattress on the floor with some pillows and her crib mattress around the side for tumbling fun. It works great for us. I nurse her down at night then get up and do stuff around the house. She sleeps the first part of the night in the center of our bed then I scoot her over when she is in deep sleep and my husband and I crawl in.

      All you have to do is make sure the room is child proof because sometimes she gets up and plays quietly before I get up. I'll hear her babbling at her toys and saying "deee" over and over. I can't imagine her not having that sort of freedom. She is just to the age where she can pull herself up on the side of the mattress and dance.


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        Thanks all. Nope.. I'm on my own in the morning so no one can take my place. We used to have our mattress on the floor ironically. We ONLY had a mattress since forever and we wanted a proper bed. So at the age of 38 I finally bought my first bed. So would be loathed to take it down. Ironically this morning Tobias was in with me and he woke up at 6.45am so there's wasnt the need to leave him to sleep. I'm just ging to have to try and move him I think,.