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    Hello parents,

    I was looking for some advice on co-sleeping. My daughter is almost 7 months old and we have been switching between sleeping in the bed at nighttime together and (lesser times) in the arm's reach ********** attached to the bed. Now she is getting bigger, I am looking to get rid of the ********** and look for an alternative. I have heard some parents put a mattress on the floor if they don't have a big enough bed (we have a queen and it's JUST big enough.) while others use other methods. I would like suggestions and advice, comments on how you are making it work. I see that there are products on the market (though few) that are devised to make co-sleeping easier. Please feel free to share everything here. Thank you so much.


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    Hey Opie:

    We have a full size crib (never used) so we put the full size mattress on the floor in the corner of our bedroom. Then we put the mattress of our queen size bed really tight up next to it on the floor. Then we got these large flat 3 section floor pillows from ikea to go around the open areas of the bed. I love it. She climbs up from the floor on to her crib mattress then on our slightly higher mattress. Then sometimes she pulls herself up from the floor onto the edge of our mattress. It is a great play area. She's 10 months now but has been doing this for a few months in various stages.

    When we sleep she lays with me on the queen mattress but there have been times when she likes to sleep with her legs hanging off the bed and she sort of straddles the corner with her arm and leg partly on the crib mattress. I intended to use this as a side car but we aren't there yet. If you need some extra room you can also use the fullsize crib mattress on the floor next to you as a side car if you are used to it.

    I was REALLY hesitant to put our mattress on the floor but all three of us LOVE it. We all just sort of pile on. I am a clean freak too and just shake out the bed clothes and pillows every night before bed. I also make sure there are no gaps between the mattresses or wall before bed. You also have to make sure the room you sleep in is completely child proof because sometimes they quietly sneak out of bed to fiddle with things. I personally think it is a great time for a child to play unrestricted and gain some independence by having the ability to move as they please. We are really happy we did it.

    One note my husband was pretty resistant to the idea (he's a big guy) until I set it up ... then he just flopped down on the bed and said how much he liked it, so give it a shot!

    Good luck with your decision!