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    I have a question: My 10 month old and I have been exclusively breastfeeding since he was born. He eats meals with us but still pretty attached to my boob, which I love. Except during the nights, it seems he want to be constantly attached. We co sleep which works well but often I dont sleep well because he wakes so often and now he is a wiggle worm and kicks and hits me all night. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this and what you did, if anything. With my daughter I was told to use Babywise techniques and because she was my first, I didnt know any better, so I dont know what to do next.

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    I am not sure what the babywise technique is but this is what I did. I would nurse my son to sleep and then when he woke up my husband gave him a sippy cup of milk instead of me breastfeeding him. It took about 3 nights for him to stop asking to nurse and I wont lie to you. They were three nights of hell. he cried and cried, the first night probably on and off all night, the second night probably every hour for about 10 minutes each time and the third night maybe once or twice for 5 minutes or so. We hated to hear him cry but we never left him and either me or mu husband held him so he was comforted, just not comforted by the boob the way he wanted. he was older though, about 18 months old.


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      We cosleep, but our 9 month old has a little play yard next to our bed. Some nights my hubby swaddles him after his bath, I nurse him to sleep in our bed around 10:30p.m. then my husband transfers him into the play yard. With the swaddle, he sleeps about half the night. He wakes up between 3:30 and 4:30a.m. and then I unswaddle him and bring him into bed with us. He nurses off and on until 8a.m. If we don't swaddle him and transfer him into the play yard, he sleeps with with us and nurses ALL night. I do have to say that if you try the swaddle, make sure it's a breathable fabric (like muslin) and that you remain in the same room in case he wakes and tries to roll and make sure there is no where for him to roll where his face could get smooshed into a corner or a pillow. We don't use this technique every night, just nights when we are feeling like we need to recharge our personal bubbles or need to reconnect as a couple.